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Corbyn’s Copeland Catastrophe?

March 1, 2017

There is no doubt that Labour’s performance in the Copeland by-election last week was historically bad: a government last won a by-election seat off an opposition in 1982. But Jeremy Corbyn’s most die-hard supporters have tried to explain this poor result away. Do their arguments hold any weight? You have read the headlines: this is […]

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UK Immigration: Opening the door for China and closing it to everyone else

October 15, 2013

Last week, Theresa May published the Immigration Bill, which set out an insular anti-immigration policy framework aimed towards creating a “hostile environment” for UK immigrants with a set of new rules and regulations such as a £200 charge to use the NHS. Yet, George Osborne and Boris Johnson continue their dumb and dumber tour in […]

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Woolwich, Over-reaction and a Tale of Two Countries

May 30, 2013

Last Wednesday saw the tragic death of Lee Rigby on the streets of Woolwich.  The attack was carried out, it would appear, by domestic Islamist extremists.   The fact that it was carried out with a machete in broad daylight on the streets of our capital, has had a particular resonance.   Lee Rigby’s death has also […]

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The Abu Qatada Conundrum

March 28, 2013

That sound of popping heard across the Home Counties yesterday was that of blood vessels bursting in anger at the latest set back for the government in seeking to deport Abu Qatada to Jordan.   The Court of Appeal handed down judgment in the Home Secretary’s appeal from the decision of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission […]

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The Conservative Party vs Human Rights: The Politics of Bluster

March 5, 2013

Sunday saw the absurd sight of  David Cameron giving an interview to the Sunday Telegraph in which he said that there will no lurch to the right, while at the same time giving free rein to his cabinet ministers to play to the frothing at the mouth brigade over human rights.  The message was, as […]

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South East Boundary Changes Part 7: Berkshire

July 9, 2012

The seventh instalment of our series on the Boundary Commission’s proposed constituency boundaries in South East England brings us to the Royal County of Berkshire.  Up until 2005, half the county’s eight MPs were non-Conservative, but now only Slough holds out.  The map below shows the current state of play. Unlike Hampshire, East Sussex and […]

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Theresa May’s Pussy

October 4, 2011

Here’s a bold statement: Home Secretary, Theresa May is a disgrace and should be immediately sacked from her position in Government. Why? Because of her mindless comments about the Immigration Appeals Tribunal, the Human Rights Act and some appellant’s cat. Let’s look closer – the position of Home Secretary is one of the most important […]

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The Privileged Take On Race and Immigration

March 16, 2011

Having spent a bit of time last week discussing racism and identity politics in the US, there have been two significant events this week in the UK on these issues. First, Midsomer Murders producer Brian True-May justified the all-white casting of every one of the 81 episodes to date in an interview with the Radio […]

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In defence of ASBOs

February 8, 2011

District Attorney: …What I’m saying is, that man had rights. Callahan: Well, I’m all “broken up” about that man’s rights. (Dirty Harry, 1971) Whilst we agree on so much, Allthatsleft is proud of its diversity of opinion on certain issues.    So I thought I should respond on Mr North’s piece yesterday on the replacement of […]

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Goodbye to Control Orders and hello to, er, Control Orders!

January 29, 2011

On the 5th January I challenged the Lib-Dem leadership to do something that would make all of those who had voted for them or campaigned for them over the years proud and scrap Control Orders. I was naively optimistic. After all, the Lib-Dems had traditionally been vociferous in their opposition to Control Orders – they […]

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