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A look forward: 2018 London elections (part 3)

January 3, 2018

Today, we conclude our look forward to the May 2018 local elections in London. You can find the first part of the series here (including details of our methodology) and the second here. Our concluding part covers the ten London Boroughs starting with the letters M through to W. Merton – likely Labour hold We […]

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The Unacceptable Face of Tory Councils

July 6, 2011

There have been two stories in the press about the extreme behaviour of Tory councils in the face of government cuts to local authorities.  First, we learnt yesterday that Andrea Hill, the chief executive of Suffolk council, had been given a ‘golden fuck off’ of £220,000.  Hill, you will recall, was the architect of that […]

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The Fallacy of Councils’ “Politically Motivated Redundancies”

February 18, 2011

I’ve posted previously on the harshness of this year’s government settlement with local authorities and how this appears to be at least in part due to ministerial incompetence. The government of course is not accepting any responsibility and is instead blaming the scale of jobs being lost by local government on Labour councils making ‘politically […]

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Why Today’s Housing Policy Announcements Spell Disaster For Tenants

November 23, 2010

Today must be the day that the left of the Liberal Democrats surely finally realise that the Tories are not taking a blind bit of notice to them. When the government announced last month that all future council tenants will no longer have secure unlimited tenancies but have fixed term tenancies of five years instead, […]

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