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A look forward: 2018 London elections (part 1)

January 1, 2018

As a New Year begins, I am setting out the scene for this year’s London elections, a critical test for the three main English parties. This is the first of three posts, setting the scene and covering 10 boroughs (B to G, alphabetically). May’s local elections will be a crucial test for the British political […]

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By-Election Special: Tooting

June 15, 2016

Today sees the by-election in Tooting following the resignation of Sadiq Khan as he takes on the Mayoralty of London Much of the talk about today’s Tooting by-election has been about the tightness of the result last year. Without the advantage of Sadiq Khan’s 11 years’ incumbency, is Labour in trouble in this part of south […]

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By-election special: Oldham West and Royton

November 29, 2015

Thursday sees the first Parliamentary by-election of this Parliament and with it the first true electoral test of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. With some electoral symmetry, Oldham was the scene of the first by-election of the previous Parliament, which saw Labour hold on to Oldham East and Saddleworth. Below is the May General Election result for […]

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General Election preview: Cardiff North

March 4, 2015

As a belated nod to St David’s Day, we turn to Wales for our latest post in the series looking at constituencies that could change hands in this year’s general election When the Conservatives won Cardiff North from Labour in the last general election, it came as no surprise to most observers. Indeed, the only […]

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The Green Party Have a Credibility Problem

February 25, 2015

I recently posted an article on All That’s Left stating that I was likely to vote for The Green Party at the General Election. I liked their policies. I respected Caroline Lucas. I felt that a vote for The Green Party was a vote for left wing, liberal progressive politics and a vote away from […]

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General Election preview: Hampstead and Kilburn

February 4, 2015

For the third in our series focusing on constituencies to watch in the General Election, we turn to north London’s Hampstead and Kilburn In 2010’s general election, Hampstead and Kilburn was the closest result in Great Britain (although only the second closest in the United Kingdom).  Labour’s Glenda Jackson held on to the seat by […]

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Beyond the Lib Dems…Who do I vote for?

September 13, 2013

Over the past week I have written at length about the Lib Dems. Firstly, I discussed their unilateral parliamentary support for the Gagging Bill – which was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back in terms of my loyalty towards a party that I have always supported and previously worked for. Secondly, I discussed […]

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Australia’s Knife Edge Election

August 28, 2013

In ten days time, Australia votes to decide who will run the country for the next three years. Until Julia Gillard was toppled, it looked likely that the Right, in the form of the Liberal/National Coalition (LNC), would win. But Kevin Rudd’s palace coup has made the race squeaky-tight between the LNC and the Australian […]

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Week 34: Hero – Caroline Lucas

August 25, 2013

This week’s hero award goes to Green MP Caroline Lucas for her anti fracking protest and subsequent arrest at a site in West Sussex where energy firm Cuadrilla is drilling, and also for her campaign for the renationalisation of railways. Her private member’s bill on this issue is due to have its second reading in […]

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South Shields by-election results

May 6, 2013

Thursday’s by-election in South Shields to replace David Miliband threw up few great surprises, but the results are worth some comment nonetheless. You can find my original post setting the scene on the by-election here that followed Labour picking Emma Lewell-Buck as their candidate.  As I suggested then, Labour won handily, with UKIP second and the […]

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Mayor Result in Bristol Shows Labour Short of a Breakthrough

November 25, 2012

Labour’s failure to win the mayoralty of Bristol in last week’s elections shows that the party has a long way to go in the capital of the South West. Labour did far better than the Coalition parties: indeed, it received 80% more first preference votes than the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats together. But Labour lost […]

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A Look at the By-Election Results

November 17, 2012

So, the nation has voted. Well, at least a few people did. The Police and Crime Commissioner elections have, probably rightly, been ignored by much of the electorate, and significant numbers who did vote went to spoil their vote to register their protest. Sadly, the tumblr site showing examples of these seems to have been […]

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By-Election Special: Manchester Central

October 2, 2012

By coincidence, Labour’s conference is taking place in a constituency gearing up for a by-election on 15 November. So, it will not be far to travel for any delegates who would rather spend their time knocking on doors than at fringe meetings or in the bar (comrades, don’t all rush at once!). The graph below […]

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South East Boundary Changes Part 4: East Sussex

June 9, 2012

In contrast to West Sussex, East Sussex (including the unitary city of Brighton and Hove) is a varied county politically.  Prior to the 2010 General Election, half of its eight constituencies were held by Labour, three by the Conservatives and one by the Liberal Democrats.  In that election, Labour lost all four, the Liberal Democrats […]

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London Election Round-Up

May 6, 2012

There are a lot of elections to digest this weekend: not only the London elections and the local government elections in Scotland, Wales and a number of English authorities, but also the French, Greek and Serbian elections being held today. But first, London.  The one ray of sunshine for Cameron on a dismal night for the […]

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London elections part 2: the Assembly

May 2, 2012

Following on from my post earlier this week on the London mayoral race, I am turning to the other part of the GLA elections, for the 25 assembly members.  The map below shows the state of play in 2008 for the 14 constituency members, with the 11 top-up list members shown on the right-hand side. […]

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Week 3: Hero – Caroline Lucas

January 22, 2012

This Week’s Hero Award goes to the leader of the Green Party and MP for Brighton Pavillion, Caroline Lucas There were two bright moments in the otherwise depressing general election in May 2010 that ushered in the current government.  They came within 20 minutes of each other. First, Margaret Hodge comfortably seeing off the odious […]

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Some Problems With AV…

April 10, 2011

We’ve posted before about how poor the arguments from both the Yes and No campaigns have been on the Alternative Vote.  This is an attempt to look at a few concerns I have with AV without the stupid arguments about voting machines and this costing the lives of soldiers and infants (no, Baroness Warsi, the […]

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By-election special: Leicester South

March 15, 2011

I posted last week about the pending by-election in Leicester South following Peter Soulsby’s decision to run for the city’s directly elected mayor, and promised a bit more background on the constituency.  First, a map. Leicester’s three constituencies are co-terminous with the city’s boundaries, and are currently all held by Labour.  In contrast, the surrounding […]

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Ireland Set To Punish The Banks’ Friends – By Voting In The Banks’ Other Friends

February 24, 2011

Ireland goes to the polls tomorrow, and it looks as if Fianna Fail are going to be crushed. Depressingly, as I posted last month, it looks as if many voters will choose just to punish the party that oversaw their economic ruin rather than question the policies that created it by rewarding Fine Gail who […]

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Self Dail-usion rules in Ireland

January 25, 2011

In the wake of their financial collapse, Ireland’s political elite appear to be lost in a fog of self-delusion. I have written before about their delusion of their relationship with the banks, ‘need’ for massive public sector cuts and downright voodoo free-market dogma that have led to its economic death spiral. Taoiseach Brian Cowen seems […]

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