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The A -Z of World Politics #F: France

October 25, 2013

Bonjour mes amis! We’ve reached the letter F in our globe–trotting series, so I waited eagerly for the tickets in the post to see where I’d be flying off to: given the weather, I was hoping for Fiji, and rather dreading Finland or the Faroe Islands. Rather predictably, Mr East-West decided instead to send me […]

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Week 1: Prat – Gerard Depardieu

January 21, 2013

This is a post by George East which was originally posted on 7 January 2013 but which was lost from the site during our recent difficulties.  It is not clear whether the post is complete and unfortunately all comments on the post and any graphics originally posted have been lost. The first (and slightly belated) Prat […]

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French Parliamentary Election Round Up

July 2, 2012

OK, we’ve taken our time about it, but here is our look at the French Parliamentary elections that finished a fortnight ago. As the chart above shows, Francois Hollande’s Socialist Party took 280 of the 577 seats.  This is not quite a majority on its own , but added to the 17 seats for the […]

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Week 20: Hero – Francois Hollande

May 20, 2012

This Week’s Hero of the Week is newly elected President of France, Francois Hollande What a difference an election or two makes.   Only two weeks ago, austerity was the unchallengeable economic orthodoxy throughout Europe.  And then on the same day a parliamentary election in Greece gave the two parties that have dominated Greek politics for […]

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#460: 1982, New Order, Temptation

May 7, 2012

The French people have elected a new President who stood on an expressly anti-austerity platform.  The Greek elections saw the two mainstream pro-austerity parties (New Democracy and PASOK) reduced from 79% of the vote between them last time (itself a record low in the post restoration of democracy era) to a pitiful 32% of the […]

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France 2012: Five Reasons To Be Optimistic

April 28, 2012

A week tomorrow the voters of France will go to the polls in final round of the presidential elections.   The election has the potential to be significant much more widely than France as Francois Hollande has not adopted the triangulating Clinton/Blair playbook which for twenty years we have been told is the only way a […]

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France: good start, but not all over yet

April 23, 2012

We now know that 6 May’s second round runoff for the French presidency will between Francois Hollande (aka Monsieur Normal/ Monsieur Flanby) and Nicholas Sarkozy.  For the first time in French presidential elections, the incumbent finished second in the first round, with Sarkozy half a million votes behind Hollande.  The only previous incumbent to lose, […]

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Week 16: Hero – Francois Hollande

April 22, 2012

This week, our award for the greatest hero of the last seven days goes to French presidential hopeful, Francois Hollande. With today’s first round of the French presidential elections, there could be only one possible hero of the week here at All That’s Left.  Step forward, Monsieur Normal. Polling suggests that the first round will […]

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French Presidential Elections 2012: The Last Week and Sarkozy Fades?

April 15, 2012

This time next week French voters will be going to the polls in the first round of this year’s presidential elections.      When I last wrote about the race a few weeks back incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy had pulled back to level or even ahead in the first round polls with Socialist, Francois Hollande.    The causes of […]

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French Presidential Race Update: The Race Tightens and the Far Left Surges

March 24, 2012

It’s been a while since we last looked at the race for the French Presidency.    The first round of the elections are now less than a month away, on Sunday 22 April, with the run off to follow two weeks’ later on 6 May. In some ways the election may be more significant than the […]

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Week 50: Prat – Nick Clegg

December 18, 2011

This week’s Prat of the Week is seven-times winner, the Rt Hon Nicholas Clegg MP. Is there no end to this man’s prattishness? I was left a little gob-smacked this morning watching the Andrew Marr show.  In his chat with guest paper reviewer Fiona Shaw, Marr made the claim that the veto had made it a good week for […]

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French Presidential Elections 2012 Update: The Socialist Party Primary

September 16, 2011

Yesterday saw the first American style television debate between the six candidates vying for the Socialist Party nomination to win the right to challenge Nicolas Sarkozy in the French Presidential Election next year.  The candidate will be decided in early October, with the first round of the general election on 22 April 2012 and the second […]

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Rugby World Cup – New Zealand can’t blow it again, can they?

September 8, 2011

Oh the rugby world cup! As a Welshman and self-confessed rugby nutcase (we can’t help it, annoyingly its in our DNA), the next six weeks will see me getting up early to watch a collection of massive men, often from the Polynesian Islands knock great big lumps out of one another. As is usual at […]

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French Presidential Election 2012: After Dominique Strauss-Khan

May 19, 2011

There are of course two important presidential elections next year: one, in the US, the other in France. Early this year in an interview with the French left-wing daily Liberation Dominique Strauss-Khan predicted that he would face three particular difficulties if he ran for President in next year’s elections ‘money, woman and the fact that […]

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