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Week 45: Prat(s) – BBC (and the rest of the British News Media)

November 9, 2014

This week’s Prat(s) of the Week Award goes to tbe BBC and the British media generally for buying into George Osborne’s ridiculous claim that he halved the extra amount that the UK has to pay to the EU The headlines that George Osborne got at the end of last week beggared belief. From watching, listening […]

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EU Money and Bullshit

October 28, 2014

Although you have to admire the mischief-making timing of the demand from the EU for a further £1.7 billion from the UK, David Cameron’s foot-stomping red in the face outrage is so overdone as to be laughable. If only we had a less credulous press. Let’s take a run through the process. Contributions to EU […]

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Stick It Up Your Juncker

June 28, 2014

26 v 2.  Not even close.  Indeed a complete massacre.   As German tabloid Bild reported:  ‘David Cameron is the Wayne Rooney of politics: he lines up, he loses, he goes home’. The Prime Minister’s pitiful performance in seeking to veto Jean Claude Juncker’s assent to President of the European Commission was all the more embarrassing […]

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The government’s response to the flooding crisis: too little, too late

February 6, 2014

It is bloody grim outside. As I look outside, I can see grey skies, trees bending in the wind, and incessant rain. It has been the same every day since Christmas. It is bloody dreary in Cornwall. The real winners are local tradesmen. The extereme weather has become a paradise for tradesmen. East-West towers has […]

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Week 1: Hero – Dr Ion Jinga

January 5, 2014

Our first Hero of the Week Award for 2014 goes to the Romanian Ambassador to the UK , Dr Ion Jinga for his withering put down of the British tabloid press staking out airports for the influx of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants on 1 January. 1 January 2014 saw all restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian […]

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How to solve the EU crisis – bring back Jeux Sans Frontières

May 20, 2013

Remember the classic TV game show, Jeux Sans Frontières (Games Without Frontiers)? It was the European version of It’s a Knockout where towns could represent their country and play against other European teams. It was hosted by Stuart Hall (whatever happened to him?). In its original conception, it was broadcast from 1965 to 1999 by […]

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Cameron has no Eurovision – It’s just another Tory Euroshambles

May 14, 2013

It is the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday. It is the annual shindig of some of the worst pop music you will ever hear in your lifetime. Our continental cousins take the Eurovision rather seriously, unlike old Blighty who (quite rightly) see it for what it is – an anti-music festival of kitsch, and a […]

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Michael Gove and BrExit: What On Earth Is He Playing At?

May 13, 2013

Michael Gove is one of the most swivel-eyed idealogues in the government.    There has always been the whiff of fascism about him.  As the FT revealed some time ago he is happy to ride roughshod over constitutional niceities by using private email addresses instead of official government addresses for government business; as The Observer reported […]

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Ambiguous Unions?

April 24, 2013
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Farming – The Final Frontier in the Dismantling of British Industry

April 16, 2013

My father went into hospital today for an operation. I have been thinking about him a lot today. He is a retired farmer. Farming was not so much a job for him, as a way of life. I grew up on a farm. From as early as I can remember I was out and about […]

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The E-Cigarette Debate

April 15, 2013

It is April 14th, 2012. I have just smoked my last cigarette. I announced that I was quitting smoking, and no one believed me. The cynics had a body of evidence to back up their assertions. I had previously given up smoking on umpteen occasions, and had shown pathetic levels of will power every single […]

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Cyprus Endgame: The Killing of the Economy of a Small Country

March 27, 2013

After two weeks of closure, Cyprus’ banks are due to re-open tomorrow.  At the time of writing this post it is not entirely clear whether they will.  Following the moronic original suggestion that €5.8Bn of a €10Bn bailout package was to come from ordinary deposits, even though EU wide insurance is supposed to protect deposits […]

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The Republic of Cypruski?

March 21, 2013

Today was the fourth consecutive bank holiday in Cyprus, as the crisis caused by the astonishing Eurogroup of the EU decision to impose a deposit levy as a condition of the proposed bail out  of Cyprus continues to reverberate, with no solution in sight.   There was talk today, not only of Cypriot banks not re-opening […]

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Europe According to the Tories

March 19, 2013

The graphic designer genius that is Yanko Tsvetkov is currently developing his Mapping Stereotypes project having recently published his Atlas of Prejudice book. The latest target of the project is the Tories/UKIP and their xenophobic scaremongering towards all functions and forms within EU member states. Brilliantly mapped out. Please check out his project at http://alpha […]

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Week 11: Villain – The Eurozone Group of the EU

March 17, 2013

This Week’s Villain of the Week only two weeks after being awarded our Hero of the Week Award for imposing limits on bankers’ bonuses, is the EU and specifically the Eurogroup of the EU for imposing a tax on all bank deposits in Cyprus as the price for further bailout support Cyprus has not got […]

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Europe: Phobic, Sceptic, Schizo, Phile?

November 1, 2012

I was brought up in a deeply pro-European house. My father, born just before the war, had been profoundly affected by what he saw being unearthed at Belsen and Treblinka, Auschwitz etc and was rightly persuaded by the pro-European politicians of the 1950’s and 1960’s who made the very persuasive argument that in order to […]

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What is the point of the Lib-Dems?

December 12, 2011

That sounds like a facetious question – it isn’t meant to be – it is a serious question and one which I would urge every Liberal Democrat to ask themselves now more than ever. The Lib-Dems have played an important role. Since the Party rose up from the debacle of the SDP/Liberal Alliance in the […]

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Week 49: Villain – David Cameron

December 11, 2011

This Week’s Villain of the Week is our  petty, Europhobe  Thatcherite Prime Minister, David Cameron Yesterday one of our regular correspondents, Geoff Elliot, said that he thought that this week’s Villain award was a nailed on certainty, and he was of course right. There could only be one possible winner: the Prime Minister David Cameron.     […]

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Cameron puts The Bankers and The Bonkers before The People

December 7, 2011

Europe is in a mess. The Euro is in a mess. And the longer that mess continues, the more likely it is that it will all end badly. And badly, means badly for us, the people – those who are reliant upon the British Economy and the European Economy being in good enough shape to […]

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Ten Steps To Britain Leaving The EU

November 20, 2011

David Cameron has a real problem on his hands.  It is one of his own making.   In 2005 in order to shore up support on the Tory right in his leadership battle with David Davis, Cameron promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.   He has not delivered on that promise – using the excuse that […]

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Bankers, Brokers and Democracy

November 15, 2011

I have become increasingly worried over the past few months about the power and influence of the bond markets on the world’s economy. Indeed, when I read the other day about the way in which Italy’s government had been replaced by an ‘unelected technocracy’ and forced to implement massive austerity measures, it left me uneasy […]

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Papandreou Wins: The Crisis Of Democracy In the EU

November 4, 2011

So G-Pap won his voted of confidence 153-144 and lives to fight another day, perhaps only one day given the rumours flying around that tomorrow will see a coalition government of national unity being formed under the Finance Minister, Evangelos Venizelos.  Papandreou in a dignified and effective speech to the Greek Parliament said that he […]

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Should we have a referendum on the EU?

October 24, 2011

Let’s not beat around the bush – the Tories who have engineered a debate on a referendum on our membership of the EU have one agenda, and that is to leave the European Union: they don’t like Europeans telling us how to protect our employers; they don’t like Europeans implementing laws about free trade; and […]

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Week 39: Hero – Jose Manuel Barroso

October 2, 2011

This weeks award for Hero of the Week goes to…. President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso. It seems that for a generation of politicians, the world of international banking and finance has been a world that is far too powerful for them to touch. They have allowed the bankers and financiers, traders and […]

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Greece Has The Upper Hand

June 20, 2011

For some reason the EU has today decided to pile even more pressure on a beleaguered Greece, making not only any further bail out money but also the release of the final tranche of €12Bn of the bail out money agreed last year conditional on the Greek parliament passing the further package of harsh austerity […]

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Why is the World abandoning Syria?

June 13, 2011

The facts about Syria are grim and confused. What is known is that the Syrian Government have seized power in the towns and cities using brutal military force. What is clear is that many hundreds of protestors have been killed or arrested and that the people are now so scared of the army that they […]

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Turning The Greeks Into Slaves of The Banks

June 4, 2011

The great classical civilizations in Greece that built the Parthenon, invented democracy, gave the world the foundations of western philosophy with Plato and Aristotle and the foundations of drama with Sophocles and Euripides was, of course, built on slavery.  Yesterday in reaction to the news of the terms of a second Greek bail out, only […]

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