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Labour’s Self-Defeating Deficit Fetishism

April 14, 2015

At yesterday’s launch of the Labour manifesto Ed Miliband exuded confidence.  Pretty much all commentators agreed that it was one of his best performances since becoming Labour leader, reminiscent of his speeches to the Labour Party Conference in 2012 and 2013, rather than the car crash of last year.  Its focus (perhaps with that deficit-forgetting […]

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Week 29: Prat – George Osborne

July 21, 2013

Our weekly award for the biggest idiot of the last seen days goes to Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt Hon Gideon George Osborne What the frack? All the Conservatives and George Osborne have been going on about for the last four years is the size of the deficit and how the first and foremost […]

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Other Deaths Worth Remembering Today #9: British GDP Surplus

April 17, 2013

Despite only having met her once, George Osborne shed a tear at Margaret Thatcher’s funeral at St Paul’s. We instead lament the death of the GDP surplus during the Thatcher era. As Forbes Magazine stated last week, “The fact is that under Thatcherism the UK’s trade position went from the merely weak to the totally […]

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The Budget – I am George Osborne

March 19, 2013

If based on my own experiences of the night before a big work presentation, George Osborne is probably tearing his own hair out in angst whilst amending the script for the umpteenth time within his own Budget 2013 presentation. So why then, do I suspect that the smug bastard is probably lounging in a Gentlemen’s […]

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Time to end ISAs?

August 2, 2012

Labour’s worst-ever former general secretary has been sharing his wisdom again on the Labour Uncut website (often cruelly dubbed Labour More Cuts for its rightwing economic slant). This time Peter Watt has been arguing against criticising tax avoidance on the basis that it is a wide-spread practice, citing ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts) as an example. […]

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Is Nick Clegg Clueless, Dishonest or Both?

May 9, 2012

Yesterday’s embarrassing Basildon Tractor Factory Rose Garden 2 Coalition re-launch had two revealing particularly revealing moments: one from each of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. I’ll write about David Cameron’s moment in a further post, as I want to concentrate first on Nick Clegg. Here is what Nick Clegg said in an attempt […]

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George Osborne and The Insanity of Austerity Revisited

November 17, 2011

Yesterday youth unemployment broke the 1,000,000 barrier for the first time since records started to be kept, in 1992.    Extraordinarily and terrifyingly Chris Grayling described this horrifying figure as a ‘distraction’.   These are the people who govern us.   Overall levels of unemployment are at levels not seen since just after the UK was expelled from […]

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Sub-Standard and Poor

August 7, 2011

Mr South: Guv, I’m off on holiday. Mr East: You what?!?! Who said you could have that? Where on earth do you think you’re you gallivanting off to? Mr South: The States, Guv. Mr East: Fine – just as long as you don’t stop blogging like Ray did.  A bit of coverage of stuff out […]

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Week 25: Prat – Nick Clegg

June 26, 2011

For the fifth time, our Prat of the Week award goes to the Deputy Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Nicholas Clegg MP As the third party in opposition, the Lib Dems often came up with eye-catching, but ill-thought through, gimmicks. It is a tactic that made sense: it generated headlines for a party that would […]

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The Economic Disaster Continues

May 24, 2011

Yesterday we learned that the Project Merlin voluntary lending target to small and medium sized businesses agreed by the banks has not been met.   Under the ‘agreement’ the banks had committed to lending a relatively modest £19bn a quarter to those businesses that, if there is to be a sustained recovery, will be the engine […]

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Week 9: Hero – Mervyn King

March 6, 2011

This week’s hero is a slightly odd choice, in as much as the Governor of the Bank of England agrees with the government that rapid, brutal deficit reduction is necessary. However, he is worthy of being our hero this week for at least being honest about the reasons for the deficit. There has been a […]

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Week 5: Prat – Nick Clegg

February 6, 2011

Nick Clegg has managed to win our villain award twice (see here and here) already, but this is the first time that he’s picked up our prestigious Prat of the Week award. It is well deserved.  At a speech in Rotherham on Friday, Clegg disowned progressive economic policy,  saying “politicians can fall prey to the myth […]

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