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Corbyn’s Copeland Catastrophe?

March 1, 2017

There is no doubt that Labour’s performance in the Copeland by-election last week was historically bad: a government last won a by-election seat off an opposition in 1982. But Jeremy Corbyn’s most die-hard supporters have tried to explain this poor result away. Do their arguments hold any weight? You have read the headlines: this is […]

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North West boundary proposals round-up

November 24, 2011

To round off my series of posts on the impact of the Boundary Commission’s proposals for North West England, this is a summary piece that links all the others.  You can find the posts on individual counties here: Cheshire and Wirral Cumbria (updated projections here) Greater Manchester Lancashire Merseyside(excluding Wirral) Before we look at the changes, […]

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Cumbria Boundaries revisited…

November 22, 2011

Ah-humm.  An apology! Earlier this month, I posted apiece on the Boundary Commission’s proposals for Cumbria, setting out these in some detail and then trying to calculate what the 2010 election results would have been on these boundaries.  A Brown commented that the figures for Kendal and Penrith looked a little odd, so I’ve re-run the […]

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Steep Hill For Labour To Climb in Cumbria

November 5, 2011

Regular readers will recall that I have written two posts previously on the Boundary Commission proposals: one on London and another on Northern Ireland. This is the first instalment of the third of the series, covering the North West. I’ve broken it down into the five sub-regions used by the Boundary Commission (Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater […]

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