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Brexiters Voted Our Country Down

October 13, 2016

Damn us Remainers for expressing concerns based on factual evidence on the economic alarm bells ringing since the EU referendum. We now have a pound sinking faster than Donald Trump’s election prospects, inward investment flatlining, a slump in the housing market, inflation concerns, increasing retail prices and tax revenue decline concerns as a result of […]

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Britain. Stop it now. Go home. You’re drunk.

July 6, 2016

Britain. Stop it now. Go home. You’re drunk. Success lies in the choices. And when you are drunk, you tend to make some pretty stupid choices. Our choice on June 23rd was a spectacularly stupid choice. Voting to leave the EU is a bit like what happens when you try and fix a faulty watch […]

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Week 13: Prat – Allison Pearson

March 28, 2016

Our prat of the week goes to columnist Allison Pearson for tweeting this immediately after the terrorist attacks on Brussels: @allisonpearson Brussels, de facto capital of the EU, is also the jihadist capital of Europe. And the Remainers dare to say we’re safer in the EU! #Brexit Classy eh? Making political capital out of a […]

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Michael Gove and BrExit: What On Earth Is He Playing At?

May 13, 2013

Michael Gove is one of the most swivel-eyed idealogues in the government.    There has always been the whiff of fascism about him.  As the FT revealed some time ago he is happy to ride roughshod over constitutional niceities by using private email addresses instead of official government addresses for government business; as The Observer reported […]

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