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Week 17: Villain – Boris Johnson

May 1, 2016

Last Week’s Villain of the Week is the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson What a depressing couple of weeks we have had, with racism front and centre. Zac Goldsmith abandoning the dog whistle for just straight up racism in his mayor campaign as he tries to associate Sadiq Khan with the 7/7 bombings and Ken […]

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David Cameron Wags The Dog

August 29, 2014

David Cameron has had a very bad week.  It began with Boris Johnson confirming that he would seek the Conservative nomination for the safe London seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip.   Boris would not be bothering to do so unless he thought there were good chance that the Tories will lose the election, so that […]

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Week 6: Villain – Boris Johnson

February 9, 2014

This Week’s Villain of the Week is the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson for being the primary cause of the current tube strikes in London We are in the middle of two weeks of 48 hour tube strikes. Last Wednesday and Thursday saw chaos for commuters trying to get into work in London, as the […]

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Of Course I Was Bloody Inconvenienced This Morning…But I Still Support the Striking Tube Workers

February 5, 2014

A journey that normally takes me about 35 minutes from home to work took me the best part of two hours this morning.   The tube strike was solid, the buses were rammed full and the roads congested to the point of stand still.   Like many other Londoners it was a deeply frustrating journey into town, […]

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Boris Johnson turns into Gordon Gekko

November 28, 2013

I have always been troubled by Boris Johnson. I have always suspected that underneath that Richard Curtis character posh boy buffoonery lies a man with a huge sense of entitlement, supreme ignorance and dubious character. Yesterday, Boris Johnson proved my point once again. This time, he ripped off his comedy face and turned into Gordon […]

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UK Immigration: Opening the door for China and closing it to everyone else

October 15, 2013

Last week, Theresa May published the Immigration Bill, which set out an insular anti-immigration policy framework aimed towards creating a “hostile environment” for UK immigrants with a set of new rules and regulations such as a £200 charge to use the NHS. Yet, George Osborne and Boris Johnson continue their dumb and dumber tour in […]

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Week 13: Hero – Eddie Mair

March 31, 2013

This Week’s Hero of the Week Award goes to the BBC journalist, Eddie Mair. Boris Johnson is everyone’s loveable political rogue. He is the Teflon coated self styled blustering maverick of British politics. For far too long we have witnessed a certain amount of toadying up to Boris within our media. On the Andrew Marr […]

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Eddie Mair boxes Boris Johnson into a corner

March 25, 2013

It is Sunday Morning. It is a time to play happy families, read the Sunday papers, smell the coffee or nurse a hangover. Yesterday was different. It was time to witness a one-sided boxing match of truly epic proportions. The fight took place on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show. The stand-in host of the show, […]

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David Cameron, Boris Johnson and the Olympic Games

August 10, 2012

He is everywhere.   Any time there is a British Olympic medal in prospect, you can be pretty sure that the Prime Minister will be sitting in the audience in his Team GB tee-shirt or track suit top pretending to enjoy the sport.      Unless of course it is the one sport in the tournament in which […]

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Week 31: Villain – Boris Johnson

August 5, 2012

This Week’s Villian of the Week Award goes to Mayor of London and shameless self promoter, Boris Johnson There can be no doubt at all that the London Olympics have been an overwhelming success and we are only just over the half way mark.  They have, like the Opening Ceremony which got things off to […]

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South East Boundary Changes Part 9: Oxfordshire

July 20, 2012

The final county for our series on the Boundary Commission’s proposals for parliamentary constituencies in South East England is Oxfordshire.  The map below summarises the current constituencies and the margin by which the winning party won them in 2010. The county’s seats consist of a rural ring of four safely Conservative constituencies around two marginal […]

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London Election Round-Up

May 6, 2012

There are a lot of elections to digest this weekend: not only the London elections and the local government elections in Scotland, Wales and a number of English authorities, but also the French, Greek and Serbian elections being held today. But first, London.  The one ray of sunshine for Cameron on a dismal night for the […]

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Is Boris Really Coasting To Victory?

April 30, 2012

According to the most recent polls, the damage the government is doing to itself is not playing out in the London elections.  Today Populus published a poll showing Boris Johnson 12 points ahead of Ken Livingstone on both the first and second rounds.  That is double Boris’ winning margin in 2008 in the second round. […]

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Boris And The Age Of Nihilism

March 26, 2012

Apparently Boris Johnson has been amazed by the levels of nihilism demonstrated by ‘young people’ responsible for last years riots. In fact so concerned was Boris by this level of nihilism that he must have analysed it for all of minutes before concluding that it was the fault of the schools for failing to teach […]

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Why All Londoners Will Have To Pay If Ken Loses

September 28, 2011

Given how far off the next general election is, it is not surprising how light the Labour Party conference has been on specific pledges.  One of the clearest was for an election next year: Ken Livingstone’s pledge to cut, then freeze and then control public transport fares.  See the clip below… I think there are […]

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Metropolitan Police Commissioner: It Has To Be Sir Hugh Orde

September 12, 2011

Both the BBC and The Guardian are reporting that of the four candidates who have applied for the currently vacant post of Metropolitan Police Commissioner, former Northern Ireland police chief, Sir Hugh Orde has emerged as the favoured candidate after the first two stages of the process.   This is excellent news as he is plainly […]

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Abolition of the 50p Tax Rate: The Give Away

July 28, 2011

Predictably George Osborne’s economic plans are in trouble.   As we have been saying on Allthatsleft from the get go, if you embark on a contractory economic policy – sucking demand out of an already weakened economy, you will surprise, surprise get contractory outcomes.  This is so whether or not you also have snow or sun […]

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Policing’s Thieves

July 17, 2011

No, despite having picked two members of Her Majesty’s constabulary as our Villain and Prat of the week, this is not another go at members of the Metropolitan Police. Instead, I want to focus on a recent decision by their political masters in London, Mayor Boris Johnson and his deputy for policing Kit Malthouse. In […]

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Latest Mayoral Poll shows Ken lagging behind his party

June 27, 2011

Last week, YouGov caused a bit of excitement in London with its latest poll of voting intentions in the capital. It held good news for both Labour and the Conservatives, and marginally better news for the Lib Dems than some polls last year. The bad news for Ken Livingstone is that his support is lagging […]

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The Beginning of The End for Brian Haw?

April 15, 2011

I have previously written about the decision of Mr Juatice Wyn Williams to grant the Mayor of London an eviction order against Brian Haw and Barbara Tucker in respect of their long term protest outside of the Palace of Westminster. I have also written about Brian’s possible grounds of appeal. Well today the Court of […]

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Brian Haw – Does He Have Grounds for Appeal?

March 28, 2011

On Friday the judgment of Mr Justice Wyn Williams ordering the eviction of Brian Haw, currently betreated for lung cancer, and Barbara Tucker from Parliament Square was published.   I said when the outcome of the case was first reported that I would re-visit the issue when the reasoning of the judge was available.  Now although […]

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Brian, Boris and the Right To Protest

March 17, 2011

Since 2001, Brian Haw has maintained a peace protest opposite the Palace of Westminster protesting against war and western imperialism.  He has become part of the London landscape and was even named a few years back as one of Time Out’s 50 most influential people in London.  Tony Blair, who apparently was offended by Brian’s […]

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