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By-election special: Oldham West and Royton

November 29, 2015

Thursday sees the first Parliamentary by-election of this Parliament and with it the first true electoral test of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. With some electoral symmetry, Oldham was the scene of the first by-election of the previous Parliament, which saw Labour hold on to Oldham East and Saddleworth. Below is the May General Election result for […]

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By-Election Results: Croydon, Middlesbrough and Rotherham

December 2, 2012

Apologies for the delay, but here is our usual round-up on the by-elections that took place on Thursday.  They can pretty much be summed up as great for UKIP, good for Labour, bad for the Tories and calamitous for the Liberal Democrats. Rotherham The most interesting of the three was Rotherham, which saw UKIP’s share […]

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A Look at the By-Election Results

November 17, 2012

So, the nation has voted. Well, at least a few people did. The Police and Crime Commissioner elections have, probably rightly, been ignored by much of the electorate, and significant numbers who did vote went to spoil their vote to register their protest. Sadly, the tumblr site showing examples of these seems to have been […]

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By-Election Special: Rotherham

November 14, 2012

The resignation of Denis MacShane hs prompted yet another by-election, this time in Rotherham. The result in 2010 was not very close: The cause of the election has pushed the Labour Party to unusual haste – MacShane resigned on 2 November and the by-election will be held less than four weeks later on 29 November, […]

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By-Election Special: Manchester Central

October 2, 2012

By coincidence, Labour’s conference is taking place in a constituency gearing up for a by-election on 15 November. So, it will not be far to travel for any delegates who would rather spend their time knocking on doors than at fringe meetings or in the bar (comrades, don’t all rush at once!). The graph below […]

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By-Election Special: Corby

August 9, 2012

Louise Mensch’s resignation this week creates a tantalising by-election opportunity for Labour. The graph below shows the 2010 result for the Corby constituency. So far this Parliament, there have been seven by-elections, one of which was Belfast West. The other six have all been in Labour-held constituencies (of which they lost Bradford West). This is […]

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London elections part 2: the Assembly

May 2, 2012

Following on from my post earlier this week on the London mayoral race, I am turning to the other part of the GLA elections, for the 25 assembly members.  The map below shows the state of play in 2008 for the 14 constituency members, with the 11 top-up list members shown on the right-hand side. […]

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By-Election Special – Feltham and Heston

November 30, 2011

The death of Alan Keen from cancer 0n 10 November has resulted in the sixth by-election of this Parliament, and the fifth for a Labour–held seat (the sixth was West Belfast).  The Coalition parties must feel blessed that none have yet to be held on their own ground. Labour has been quick to call the […]

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Some Problems With AV…

April 10, 2011

We’ve posted before about how poor the arguments from both the Yes and No campaigns have been on the Alternative Vote.  This is an attempt to look at a few concerns I have with AV without the stupid arguments about voting machines and this costing the lives of soldiers and infants (no, Baroness Warsi, the […]

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Coalition Gets A Kicking in Barnsley

March 4, 2011

No great surprises: Major Dan Jarvis has been elected Barnsley Central’s latest in a long, continuous line of Labour MPs going back to 1935, having first elected a Labour MP in 1922. Labour’s share of the vote increased from 47.3% last May to 60.8%, although the poor turnout (36.5% compared to 56.5% in 2010) meant […]

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Byelection Special – Barnsley Central

February 14, 2011

On Thursday, Eric Illsley was sentenced to twelve months in prison on three counts of false accounting. He had resigned his seat in Parliament two days before by accepting the appointment to the Stewardship of The Chiltern Hundreds. The by-election to elect Illsley’s successor will be held on Thursday 3 March, so I thought I’d […]

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