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Sweet Jones Alabama?

December 10, 2017

This Tuesday sees the state of Alabama go to the polls to elect a new senator. But can Democrat Doug Jones really have  a chance in this deeply Republican state? The accession of Jeff Sessions – Alabama’s former senator who Donald Trump picked as his Attorney General – created a need for an election that […]

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US primaries #11: Super Tuesday

February 28, 2016

Tuesday sees the biggest test for the Presidential hopefuls: Super Tuesday where a quarter of the delegates for both parties are up for grabs. So far, the Democrats have elected a total of 156 delegates, and the Republicans a total of 130, through the February primaries. Tuesday’s haul dwarfs those figures: in a single day, […]

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Santorum’s Boost from the Deep South

March 14, 2012

On Sunday, I mused whether any post-Kansas boost to Rick Santorum’s chances would be enough to propel him from third place to winner in yesterday’s primaries in Alabama and Mississippi, or whether it might just erode Gingrich’s narrow poll lead to give the victories to Romney. We now know the answer: Santorum won in both […]

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#420: 2004, Drive-By Truckers, Puttin’ People on the Moon

March 13, 2012

Today the Republican primary race hits the heart of the Deep South, with what look like knife-edge three-way contests in both Alabama and Mississippi. Regular readers of this blog will know that George and I have a peculiar relationship with the Deep South.  We abhor the racism and quasi-segregation that continues there to this day, […]

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Santorum Romps To Victory in Kansas

March 11, 2012

If Mitt Romney had hoped that he was now a shoe-in for the Republican nomination following Super Tuesday, Republicans in Kansas have other ideas. In yesterday’s caucus, he took a paltry 21% and his leading rival Rick Santorum wiped the floor with him, taking a massive 52% of the vote. The chart below summarises the […]

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#418: 2011, The Civil Wars, Barton Hollow

March 11, 2012

I know George has managed to find a 2012 song to post, but Ray and I are still on the search. And just as Ray managed to make a false turn to come up with a great 2011 song, so have I. I’ve a kind of an excuse though: Barton Hollow was  only released in […]

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#275: 2001, Drive-By Truckers, Ronnie and Neil

September 5, 2011

Douglas Adams famously wrote that 42 was the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything.  Yesterday, I saw pretty much bugger all evidence of that. However, I do think that gives me some licence to be particularly self-indulgent in my song pick today, one of my favourite songs of the twenty-first century.  It’s a great, […]

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#111: 1974, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sweet Home Alabama

March 9, 2011

I’ve put off posting this song for a while (not least the mauling I got from George and Ray for playing it at the Allthatsleft annual away-weekend), but something happened yesterday that made me think I should gird up my courage and risk another onslaught.  For the completist, it at least now means that there […]

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