The Windsor Homeless – what it tells us about the Tories

by Ray_North on January 5, 2018

Talk about brazen – I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, a Conservative Councillor from Windsor saying that although he had nothing against ‘real vagrants’ he wanted the police to use their powers to take away the possessions of those who he described as ‘professional beggars.’

What a total heartless bastard.

In this one incident all that is hateful about the psyche of the Conservatives is perfectly encapsulated.

For the Tories the issue is not why is someone homeless, what help can we give them, what things in their lives led them to a position where they have nothing in their lives other than a few bags.

The instinct of the Tory is not one of compassion or understanding or even sympathy; the intellectual approach is not one which enables them to look at inherent problems within our societal structure or our education system our economy or our criminal justice system, but instead sees only the poor and the destitute as a threat, a contamination of their streets.

Let’s be under no illusions about this – the Councillors of Windsor are engaged in a process of social cleansing as they seek to turn their borough into a place where American tourists can gleefully spend lots of money and revel in the archaic, emasculation of the Royal Family.

If you ever needed a reminder of why we should always work to oppose the Tories then just remind yourselves of what is going on in Windsor.

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