#1093: 1988, The Fall, Big New Prinz

by George_East on January 26, 2018

I was a first year student at the LSE in 1988, fresh with the excitement of the big city. My main reason for wanting to study at the LSE, had nothing whatever to do with that institution (though my Dad liked the fact that Mick Jagger was briefly a student there) or my chosen subject. It was all about London and more especially the chance to see live music.  Nothing else really mattered.

As with most students, at least then, my first year was spent in Halls of Residence.   Those Halls of Residence were more or less opposite Sadler’s Wells theatre, London’s premier dance theatre.  Dance wasn’t my thing then and isn’t really now.  But for a short run back in 1988,  Sadlers Wells theatre hosted the enfant terrible of ballet, Michael Clarke, with I Am Curious, Orange, a show based loosely (bewilderingly loosely, as I recall) on the 300th anniversary of William of Orange’s ascent to the throne.

The music to the ballet was provided live by The Fall, one of the most important bands for me in my mid-late teen years. They were the band that separated the men from the boys, when it came to indie – any faux-sensitive pseudo-intellectual bedroom dwelling teen could appreciate The Smiths (my other band).   The Fall were difficult.  You had to work hard to appreciate them properly.  Eat yerself fitter, if you like.

I was so blown away by seeing I Am Curious, Orange, that I went back to see the ballet again for the next two nights.   Three times in all.   Big New Prinz is from the ballet and is the opening song on The Fall’s tie in album, I Am Kurious Orange.  With the sad news of the premature death of Mark E Smith this week, this song came to mind:

Check the record, check the record, check the guy’s track record’.

Mark E Smith. An unmatchable record for 40 years.  RIP.

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