Dear Santa…

by Ray_North on December 22, 2017

For Christmas please can I have a good book, perhaps a biography, if it’s a biography then it doesn’t have to be that good.
Can I also have some time with family and friends, and perhaps one of those spontaneous afternoons in the pub – that’d be good.
And whilst i’m at it, I’d like some truth. I’d really like some truth about one or two things – let’s start with employment. Let’s have some truth from the Conservatives about all these jobs that they claim to be creating are in fact low paid and precarious, designed to get people off benefits and paying a little bit of tax, so that they can reduce taxes for the rich. Yeah, let’s have some truth about the redistribution from poor to rich. Bloody Sheriff of Nottingham bastards.
And Santa, can we please also have some sense in America – perhaps the good people there can realise that being ruled by a bloke who wants to act like Supreme Leader Fucking Snoke out of Star Wars isn’t good for any of us.
And how about a bit of remorse from the Brexit people as well – a bit of contrition and honesty that, actually, they fed the people a load of bollox and that their world will not suddenly become a better place if you have less Bulgarians or Poles in it.
And whilst we’re on that subject, how about a bit more willingness to embrace other cultures and creeds, can you do that Santa? I mean call me old fashioned but if people started trying to understand about other religions and ways of living rather than trying to blow them up, ban them or oppress them, then the world would be a much better place.
And politicians – let’s change them. Let’s make the Tories more compassionate and Labour less zealous. Let’s have Ed and Yvette back in the shadow cabinet and Boris Johnson back on the telly far away from any kind of position of influence.
Let’s have some great music with young enthusiastic people playing guitars and drums and putting a big massive ‘fuck you’ to the rubbish bland Simon Cowell dominated system. Not for me but for the kids of course.
Let’s have no more food banks, but proper wages.
Let’s have a health service that doesn’t have the phrase ‘in crisis’ anywhere near it.
Let’s have schools that nurture every kid and Universities that will welcome people from every walk of life and people who give a shit about the environment.
Let’s have great sport where the most talented want to become legends not billionaires and writers and poets who challenge and enthral us and good films and great telly with perhaps a really good comedy on BBC1 because there’s not been one for a while.
Let’s have lives that aren’t dominated by consumption and working to consume and people who are free to dream.

And I wouldn’t mind a new guitar as well.

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