Is This The Most Clueless Conservative Party Ever?

by Ray_North on November 13, 2017

Despite my praise for Richard Ratcliffe and the very measured way he is dealing with the total mess being made by the Foreign Secretary, we cannot get away from the fact that we are currently being run by a government so poor that it is starting to give the Trump regime over the water a run for it’s money in the incompetence stakes.

From the top to the bottom, there is an air of utter cluelessness and confusion. The government is bewildered and split whilst the backbenchers are just plain mad.

And it starts, I’m afraid, with the PM herself – those of us who are not Tories could not help but stand back and stare, open mouthed, by the sheer awfulness of the her election campaign last Summer – it was as though she had no idea that her robotic repetition of the mantra ‘strong and stable’ was backfiring, she had no idea that Corbyn was tapping into a desire by much of the electorate, not for strong and stable, but compassionate and caring – the fact that Labour should have faced massive problems on their economic plans, their own claims at competence (just look at Diane Abbot) and the fact that most of the Parliamentary Party would have rather voted for anyone other than Corbyn, was something that Theresa May was unable to grasp – and that failure of political nous, that lack of judgement from their leader, I’m afraid, speaks volumes for this Government.

But, amazingly, as awful as Theresa May is, the Tories have no credible alternative, most of the rest of her Government, seem even more woeful than her.

Her Deputy PM, Damian Green seems unable to deal with a claim by Police Officers that some porn was found on his computer – the very fact that this claim has been made shows how weak and useless he is.

Over at the Foreign Office, Boris Johnson has been going around undermining the PM’s Brexit strategy (assuming she has one), and making comments so overwhelmingly and arrogantly stupid that he is actually endangering the lives of British citizens, such as Nazanin Zhagari-Ratcliffe – the fact that he has not been sacked is testament, not to his ability, but the overall general incompetence of the government he serves.

Priti Patel, who was asked to resign, didn’t appear to know that it wasn’t actually good Ministerial Practice to meet foreign Premiers and pledge to give them British taxpayers money to support their armies activities in an area that we believe to be unlawfully occupied; David Davis appears to have forgotten that his government did obtain 58 Brexit Impact Assessment Reports, and has no idea how they’ve vanished; Chris Grayling wants us to grow all our own food; and, Liam Fox is still banging on about the £350million for the NHS, a figure that just about every other sane person in the known universe accepts was garbage.

And it’s not just the front benches, the back benches, also seem infected by a strange brand of lunacy – take the way in which they have tried to undermine the efforts of Philip Hammond – the beleaguered Chancellor is currently trying to prepare a budget that some might say, with the huge chasm of Brexit looming on the horizon is one of the most significant in recent history – now a competent political party would appreciate the huge task he faces and let him get on with it – but not the Tories, they constantly snipe and brief against their Treasurer because he had the audacity to suggest that a ‘no deal’ brexit would be disastrous – something that is self-evidently true for the rest of us.

The Tory disarray isn’t funny, it’s not even something that we should celebrate – because, with every day and every act of stupidity, their incompetence is affecting the rest of us. Now, we may not want a Tory government, but, surely to goodness the least we can expect is that they get on with task of government in way that is at the very least competent.

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