Brexit Britain – Where Did It All Go Wrong?

by Charlie_East_West on November 17, 2017

How did Brexit happen?

This is a question that will be analysed and debated for decades to come. It’s complicated.

Many Leave voters right across the country feel disenfranchised but they wrongly believe that the EU is the cause.

It is the decades of UK government neoliberal economics that are the true problem – which have created a society where the rich get richer and our communities and public services pay the price.

The tragedy in all of this is that the EU isn’t the source of the problems facing Britain.

The hollowing out of industrial communities and rampant privatisation by the Tories in the 1980’s sowed the seeds. The financial crash of 2008 followed by a decade of austerity with the destruction of many public services and a drop in real wages then created a new generation of poverty, job insecurity and resentment.

Sadly, many people appear to have forgotten this, or at least failed to consider the source of these problems. Instead, millions of people have been manipulated by right wing media into believing that the blame lies with the EU and/or immigration. This is also wrapped around jingoistic British Empire delusion.

It’s a classic manipulative deflection strategy by the Tories and their media puppeteers such as The Sun, Daily Mail, Express and Telegraph. And sadly, it has worked.

But the media that supports neoliberal economics will never tell Leave voters that.

There is a big diffusion of responsibility and shift of blame from government on many issues to distract and mislead the public from their own faults, corruption and shortcomings.

To achieve this, these media outlets demonise the EU, benefit ‘scroungers’ and immigrants to deflect from the failures of government.

Tragically, millions of people read this and then believe this. They think that they (or Britain) has lost control. They want to take control back. But, tragically, instead of blaming the real source of their problems – economic and industrial policy failure by successive governments, they’ve been brainwashed into thinking that somehow, the EU are to blame.

And that’s how Brexit happened.

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