#1091: 2017, Portugal, The Man – Feel It Still

by Ray_North on November 12, 2017

As a rule I hate my kid’s music. They’re little, they’re yet to listen to anything that remotely has an edge to it, indeed most of it appears to consist of shouting the same lyric over again, because it doesn’t scan with the tuneless nonsense that passes for a melody.

I suppose it’s not meant for me.

But, then again, as they get most of it from Capital FM – I’m sort of glad.

But, then, last week, something odd happened – oldest boy played me something that I actually liked. I think it was a weird moment for both of us – I started to nod in embarrassing Dad style, before mentioning something utterly shameful about it having a really good back beat. The poor lad went through the whole gamut of emotions, moving in the space of a pumping chorus from pride at playing me something that I liked to the confused disappointment that his pleasure of this song was somehow tainted by the fact that his Dad liked it as well.

It is a good song though.

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