Theresa May is the wrong prime minister at the wrong time

by Charlie_East_West on March 20, 2017


“I think the economic arguments are clear, I think being part of a 500-million population trading bloc is significant for us. I think, that one of the issues is that a lot of people will invest here in the UK because it is the UK in Europe.

“If we were not in Europe, I think there would be firms and companies who would be looking to say, do they need to develop a mainland Europe presence rather than a UK presence? So I think there are definite benefits for us in economic terms.”

Brexiters have conveniently forgotten that Theresa May previously warned about the perils of Brexit. Prior to the referendum, she expressed her concern about the potential loss of jobs and uncertainty caused by Brexit and how she had come to a “fact based” conclusion that Britain was better served by remaining in the EU.

Theresa May said all of this one month before the EU Referendum. Yet, fast forward 9 months, our Prime Minister seems hell-bent on adopting a zero tolerance hard Brexit which doesn’t include any wriggle room to remain in the single market.

Only last week she was, in that rather unappealingly patronising manner of hers, warning the people of Scotland not to make a decision on self determination as “it would be unfair to ask people to make a decision without the information they need to make that decision.” and that a referendum would be “divisive”.

Her hypocrisy is breathtaking. She is actually using Remain in the EU terminology to argue against a Scottish independence referendum.

Her stubbornness and lack of clarity is dangerous. We have a Prime Minister who appears to have no clear vision as to what path she envisions for both Brexit and also the Union. Her only message seems to be “do as I say, but not as I do.”

I have always been deeply suspicious of Theresa May’s motives. She appears to be a career politician who is fundamentally only concerned with her own protection of power, but without any clear vision on how to implement power. It is a combination of traits that will ultimately cause grave damage to a post-Brexit Britain – in terms of the economy, the Union and the freedom of movement opportunities for future generations.

Her negotiating style is a combination of lack of clarity, duplicity, stubbornness and arrogance. She has already come across as rather condescending to the people of Scotland and this is combined with a total lack any sort of inclusivity to the Scottish Government in Brexit discussions. If this is repeated towards the EU negotiating team, Her words are likely to fall on deaf ears and the consequences will be profound.

There is a real danger that Britain ends up with no Brexit deal. The EU start from a much stronger negotiating position, and it is in their interests to play hardball. Theresa May will need every ounce of guile, humility, charm and diplomacy to navigate a set of massively complex negotiations. But, she is giving off the impression that these traits are way beyond her.

David Cameron caused this mess by having an unnecessary EU referendum. His hubris was his downfall.

Theresa May is ill equipped to deal with this mess. Her haughty stubbornness will be her downfall.

Both of them share one defining characteristic – they are the wrong prime ministers at the wrong time. It could be argued that if Theresa May was Prime Minister when David Cameron was and David Cameron was Prime Minister instead of Theresa May right now – none of this shambles would have ever happened. Two Prime Ministers, because of their personality traits, leading the country at the wrong time.

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Julian March 25, 2017 at 9:36 pm

I agree. it is extraordinary how this unfolding train-crash is happening. None of the 3 brexit buffoons (fox, johnson, and davis) or Theresa May seem to understand, or be capable of responding to this situation. Not that our unelecte d PM actually has any authority to do anything…


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