Week 24: Villain – Donald Trump

by George_East on June 19, 2016

villain_2_iconLast Week’s Villain of the Week was Donald Trump

This is an Award we can be pretty sure that Donald Trump is going to win a lot between now and the General Election on the first Tuesday of November. He is the most egotistical, most bigoted and least suited candidate to have won the candidacy of a major US political party for the presidency in memory.   His campaign is based on every paranoid conspiracy theory circulating on the US political right (and quite often stoked by Murdoch’s Fox News).   He cannot help himself, because it is what he is.

Part of Trump’s mythology is that he is an expert negotiator and a top businessman. The truth, as has been pointed out by a number of US commentators, is that had he placed his very substantial inheritance into index linked trusts he would have been richer than he is now – his record as a businessman is in fact terrible. Worse than that Trump has a history of hucksterism – of selling snake oil and of taking advantage of the weak and gullible.

One example of this is Trump University – am educational institution with no status that Trump set up in 2005 (and which went bankrupt in 2010), whose primary function seemed to be trading hope for fees.   It is unsurprisingly now the subject of a number of law suits. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel recently ruled against Trump in one such case. Trump’s response to the ruling of this well-regarded US-born judge – was to allege bias on the basis that Curiel’s family has Mexican origins. He went further to suggest that any judge with such a background would be biased against him.

This is the man who is running for Presidency. Effectively slurring a huge swathe of highly qualified professionals on the grounds of their ethnicity and background.  His election would be a terrifying prospect.


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