Week 23: Prat – David Cameron

by Charlie_East_West on June 6, 2016


This week’s prat award once again goes to David Cameron for his half-arsed attempts to convince British voters to stay in the EU.

After watching David Cameron get grilled by a selected studio audience on why Britain should stay in the EU, I was left with the impression that he simply cannot deal with any form of discussion with the general public and that there is a significant part of him that doesn’t really believe in what he is saying on the EU. He is totally unconvincing.

Throughout this tedious EU referendum campaign, he has been utterly unconvincing in his arguments and his demeanour. It is now left to the likes of the IFS, OECD and Mark Carney to provide clarity and clout for the Remain campaign.

David Cameron is now facing the fight of his life. The polls have narrowed and his endless pot of political good luck may just be about to end. There is a real and scary possibility that we are heading for Brexit. If that happens, it is an absolute disgrace. It will be Britain’s Trump moment. A moment where common economic sense and collective European integration, free movement, free trade and human rights is tossed away for xenophobic bullshit and a potential economic uncertainty.

Cameron has to take the majority of the blame here. It was his decision to have this unnecessary referendum and as such, any failure to win a Remain vote will be fundamentally his responsibility.

But, his performance on the Sky News debate really was shocking. It lacked coherency, passion and a convincing narrative. As a pro Remain supporter, it is rather disheartening to witness brexiter Michael Gove produce a far more compelling line of argument than our so-called pro-EU Prime Minister.

We now stand on the edge of darkness on the EU. David Cameron is the man who took us to this dark and sinister place. If we do indeed leave the EU, he will be judged by all of us and future generations as the man who caused all of this nonsense. The blame lies with him.

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