Week 22: Villain – Alexander Gauman

by George_East on June 19, 2016

Week 22’s Villain of the Week Award went to Alexander Gauland, the Deputy leader of the AfDvillain_2_icon

We are a few Villain of the Week Awards behind. This is wholly down to me and a crazy month. But in an attempt to catch up and rather pertinently given both the nasty racist rhetoric of a large part of the Leave campaign and the current European football championships, the Villain of the Week Award for three week’s ago, was the Deputy Leader of the Alternative fur Deutschland, Alexander Gauland.

The AfD is a right wing populist party that has somehow managed to gain a degree of respectability that previous right wing groupings have not. Yet as always with parties that occupy this part of the political spectrum it does not take very much looking to reveal what they are really all about.

Alexander Gauland opined that although Bayern Munich defender, Jereome Boateng, might be appreciated for his skills on the pitch most Germans wouldn’t want him as a neighbour. This is the Jerome Boateng who was born in Berlin and who has 61 caps for the national side. He is as German as Gauland. He is, of course, also black.

Like Nigel Farage, politicians like Gauland just can’t help revealing what they are. In this case our worthy winner of our Villain of the Week Award.

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