#1078: 1993, Haddaway, What is Love?

by Ray_North on June 9, 2016

Oh yes! C’est Oui! Ja Ja! Siiii!
(er I’m struggling now)

It’s a uniquely Eurotastic time for all of us! Tomorrow the European Championships start (I’m actually struggling to get enthused about them), and next week is the Euro Referendum (I’m starting to worry about my will to live on that score as well). So what better way to mark these two events than a week of Euro pop classics.

Yes, it’s our first theme week for ages – and I’m laying down the gauntlet with this 1993 disco stomper.

So what constitutes a Europop classic?

Well, to my mind the test is three-fold.

First, the group or DJ who put the song together must come from mainland Europe – just like this German (with a bit of Caribbean influence thrown in), group.
Second, you must have, at some stage in your life been subjected to the song to such a degree on a package holiday to a mediterranean resort that the mere opening bars, will bring back the smell of amber solaire and the feel of burned mosquito scarred skin.
And three, you must not own a copy of the song – because, the minute you got home, just like the best type of holiday romance, you realised that it was actually a bit shit.

This classic disco dance floor stomper ticks all boxes. Jackie and Bobby may deny this now, but, tanked up on Greek lager and some strange colourless liquid, we swung our then twenty something pants to this track on our seminal two weeks in Corfu back in 1995. It was shite then, and it’s shite now.

Come on Wales. Come on Britain.

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Charlie_East_West June 10, 2016 at 10:40 am

Wales have qualified – how can you be unenthusiastic?
Old age cynicism?


Mick Middle-East June 17, 2016 at 10:10 am

Met Haddaway once in Helsinki airport. He just came up and introduced himself to my family as we were waiting at a gate.
A self-centred prat. I think he was still squeezing himself into leather trousers


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