Week 21: Villain – The Leave Campaign

by Jackie_South on May 24, 2016

This week, the Brexit campaign wins our regular award for villainyvillain_2_icon

There has been a lot of ridiculous hyperbole from both campaigns on the EU referendum. No, Mr Cameron, leaving the EU won’t leave to World War III. Mr Osborne, at a time when everyone agrees that London house prices are now so large that most young people have no hope of ever owning their home, is it really wise to suggest the prospect of falling house prices is disastrous?

But if some of the claims of the Tory wing of the Remain campaign are frankly risible, the Leave campaign have been dabbling in some truly disturbing rhetoric. Having decided that immigration is their trump card, they have decided on a strategy of trotting out every xenophobic argument they can conjure up, almost as a stream of unmediated conciousness.

And so this week has seen fear-mongering by Brexiters about mass Turkish immigration resulting from an apparently imminent Turkish membership of the EU. At its daftest, it had minister Penny Mordaunt claiming that the UK had no veto on Turkey’s entrance  – in fact every one of the 28 members has to agree a new member, including states that are far less likely to support Turkey joining than the UK, such as Greece and Cyprus. In fact, the UK might be more likely to support Turkish membership than most other members.

But the Brexiters won’t let mere facts get in the way of them making an argument. The substance may be laughable, but the danger is that it raises more fears about foreigners. Long after the referendum is forgotten, British Turks who have lived here most of their life or indeed were born and raised here will get abuse and discrimination thanks to these spiteful lies.

Shame on you, Brexiters. Shame on you.

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