Week 21: Hero – Kirsty Williams AM

by Ray_North on May 31, 2016

hero_icon2Our hero of the week for last week is the Welsh Lib-Dem AM, Kirsty Williams.

I feel sorry for Kirsty, in the last couple of years she has watched as madness gripped first her party, then the Welsh Assembly. It must seem to her as though the type of politics that she signed up for when she started out as a young activist in Llanelli has been replaced by a whole level of craziness she would never had thought possible in her worst nightmares.

For the record, Kirsty was first elected to the inaugural Welsh Assembly back in 1999 and since then she has held her seat in Brecon and Radnor through a mixture of hard work and political skill. She had the misfortune to become leader of the Welsh Lib-Dems at the time of the coalition, a position that she was pretty sceptical about, but, went ahead with – I won’t rehearse the arguments about the coalition again, but, needless to say, Kirsty is now a very lonely Lib-Dem, all of her erstwhile colleagues having been replaced leaving her as the sole Lib-Dem in a Welsh Assembly that has 29 Labour AMs, 12 Plaid Cymru, 11 Tories and 7 UKIPs.

The results of the Welsh Assembly elections prompted a week of madness in which Plaid Cymru appeared to put together an unholy alliance with Tories and UKIP AMs to prevent the re-election of the very able and sensible First Minister Carwyn Jones. It appears that Plaid in attempting to put a spanner in the Labour works approached Miss Williams and asked her to join their ranks. To her credit she told them that she had not been elected to support incoherent alliances, she then accepted that the Labour Party had every right to form an administration and that Carwyn Jones was far and away the best candidate to be First Minister, and so, when everyone else was pursuing a campaign of self-indulgent madness, Kirsty declared that she would be supporting Labour and Carwyn Jones and so enabled them to form a minority administration – something that she knows may not entirely endear her with the electorate of Brecon.

Oh how we wish everyone was able to pursue such a normal, brave and logical way of politics. And so, for her bravery her logic and normality Kirsty is our hero.

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