Week 20: Prat – Plaid Cymru

by Jackie_South on May 17, 2016

Green_PratThis week, Plaid Cymru win the dubious honour of our award for rank stupidity

It must have seen a hell of a wheeze last week: Plaid Cymru, an avowedly socialist party, worked out that if they banded together with the Tories and UKIP, they had as many votes in the new Welsh Assembly as Labour.

So, they went off to the two rightwing parties and courted their support. Fast forward to 11 May, and Labour’s Carwyn Jones and Leanne Wood end up tying on 29 votes apiece.

The fact that this came as such a surprise to Labour shows a bit of prattishness on their side too: surely, the first rule of politics is to count the votes.

But really? Relying on the support of Neil Hamilton (the new leader of UKIP in Wales) FFS? Plaid denied talking to UKIP, only to have the latter contradict them. Plaid fought the elections two weeks ago as a party to the left of Labour but now seem happy to do deals with parties firmly on the right. Plaid Cymru is the nationalist party that trips hand-in-hand into the National Assembly with the two most unionist ones.

Blaenau Gwent AM Alun Davies said: “I think Plaid Cymru have got to explain to the voters… why, less than a week after the election, they have now done a deal with the Conservative Party and with UKIP”.

Indeed they do. Plaid Cymru have thrown everything they were meant to stand for out the window for a political stunt. Hang your heads in shame.

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