Week 20: Hero – Laura Sarosi

by Ray_North on May 19, 2016

hero_iconThis week’s hero is the little known, well at least down our way, Hungarian badminton player, Laura Sarosi

On a day when it is announced that 35 people have tested positive for banned substances and will miss the Rio Olympics and after watching a Sevilla player take forty five seconds to walk off a football pitch in an act of blatant time wasting (yes I am bitter about that!), it is lovely to recount the story of Laura Sarosi, a barely lauded and unknown (well outside the world of Hungarian Badminton) Hungarian badminton player.

Laura is the Hungarian number 1, but, this doesn’t mean that she automatically gains entrance to the Rio Olympics, which, for badminton players is the zenith of any career. For Laura, she had to gain qualification points in various ranking tournaments – as such, competition is intense.

Last week, she played in a ranking tournament in Germany – she needed to put in a good performance and was drawn against a German, Karin Schnaase. One of the rules of badminton is that no player is allowed to leave the court. With the game in its early stages, Sarosi’s opponent Miss Schnaase, trainers fell apart.

Now, with her spare trainers in her locker, Misss Schnaase was now in trouble, without trainers, and prevented from leaving the Court, she was faced with the prospect of either playing and probably losing or forfeiting the match.

At this point, our hero, Laura walked up to her own bag and pulled out her own spare trainers, which happened to be the same size, and offered them to her opponent. She didn’t have to. It was a truly honourable act of proper Sportsmanship.

Miss Schnaase duly accepted the help, and went on to win the match – leaving Miss Sarosi’s Olympic dreams in doubt.

This story even has a happy ending, as, with a little bit of judicious use of ranking points, Sarosi, finished in what is known as a ‘quota place’ and has qualified as Hungary’s first badminton contestant for twenty years.

A proper sporting hero and someone I’ll definitely be watching come Rio.

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