Week 19: Prat – Ken Livingstone

by Ray_North on May 16, 2016

prat_iconSuccessfully defending his Prat award from the week before is former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone.’

It’s a list of inglorious bastards, George Osborne, Nick Clegg, David Cameron to name but three, people who have successfully managed to be prat of the week two weeks in succession; those who’ve been a prat and then skilfully prolonged the act or even managed to indulge in even greater brattishness within a fourteen day period – it takes some doing, and last week Ken pulled it off.

As my colleague George East pointed out, Ken’s utterances about Hitler were just bonkers – even someone who did GCSE history and got a ‘F’ for turning up and putting his name at the top of the paper, wouldn’t make the assertion that at any point in his life was Adolf Hitler in any shape or form a Zionist. Ken, for whatever reason, decided to make that argument, and was duly awarded for his efforts with the title of Prat on these esteemed pages.

Then, of course, was the moment for Ken to go quietly into that good night, or even, be pushed kicking and screaming into that good night – for, the debate about race in our society is far too important for a historically inept and thoroughly unhelpful intervention from the former Mayor which simply offended and embarrassed those who may have wished him well, and gave succour to those who are intent on forcing further divisions amongst those on the left.


Ken decided not to take an honourable exit, nor did he even manage a grovelling apology involving a garbled ‘I was misunderstood, what I really meant was…..’ no, Ken went on to the offensive blaming the right wing of the party for trying to prevent him from standing for the NEC, anti-Corbynite forces for trying to destabilise the great bearded one and the right-wing press. Well Ken, I’m afraid on this one, we can’t agree with you – unless that is, you can prove you were drugged or somehow coerced into forming a deeply offensive and nonsensical view of twentieth century fascism, then I’m afraid that for a second week running you are a prat.

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