Week 18: Villain – South Yorkshire Police

by Ray_North on May 8, 2016

Police_VillainLast week’s Villains were the South Yorkshire Police

What a bunch of bastards – and how wonderful that the inquest in the Hillsborough disaster finally and beyond doubt exposed the role they played in the death of 96 Liverpool fans in the FA Cup Semi-Final of 1988.

First came the jury’s answer to the question about who was to blame for the deaths an emphatic ‘South Yorkshire Police’; then there was the jury’s answer to the question as to whether the Liverpool fans contributed to the disaster – ‘no’; finally, the question that Liverpool fans all wanted to know the answer to, ‘where the South Yorkshire Police guilty of criminal conduct’ – ‘yes’ they were.’

It was the South Yorkshire Police who failed to properly put into place the necessary safeguards to ensure that football fans could watch the FA Cup semi-final in safety; and it was South Yorkshire Police, who, when they realised that their negligence had led to the nearly a hundred fans being crushed to death started the process of deflecting the blame from themselves and onto the Liverpool fans – something that culminated in the awful Sun headline, ‘The Truth’ in which they viciously tried to label Liverpool fans as drunken thieves who urinated on their dying friends – something that was found to be utterly untrue during the inquest.

Sadly, South Yorkshire Police hadn’t even learned the lessons of twenty seven years ago – as even during the inquest, they employed a press officer to peddle the ‘party line’ that they weren’t to blame, and did not accept any negligence.

There is something sinister about South Yorkshire Police, it now appears that those who claimed that the Miners Strike helped create a culture where the South Yorkshire Police felt able to operate by their own rules were absolutely right, they are worthy villains.

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