Week 18: Hero – Hillsborough 96

by Charlie_East_West on May 3, 2016


Our hero award goes to the families and friends of the 96 Liverpool fans who were “unlawfully killed” at the FA Cup Semi Final at Hillsborough in 1989.

27 years. 27 long years for the families and friends of the Hillsborough 96 who have tenaciously campaigned and waited for justice to be served. On April 26th, an inquest that took place in a makeshift coroner’s court in Warrington, a town 16 miles from Liverpool, provided a belated measure of justice.

The jury declared, after sitting for two years – the longest jury case in British legal history – that the 96 Liverpool fans had been “unlawfully killed” and that Liverpool supporters had played no part in provoking the disaster. After the decision, the campaigners for justice for the 96 sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone” outside on the steps of the court.

A wait of 27 years is a travesty of justice, but at least the families and friends who have continued to fight to stand up for their dearly departed loved ones since that tragic afternoon at Hillsborough in 1989, have finally got the verdict that they should have received almost three decades ago.

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