Week 17: Villain – Boris Johnson

by George_East on May 1, 2016

Last Week’s Villain of the Week is the Mayor of London, Boris JohnsonBoris_Villain

What a depressing couple of weeks we have had, with racism front and centre. Zac Goldsmith abandoning the dog whistle for just straight up racism in his mayor campaign as he tries to associate Sadiq Khan with the 7/7 bombings and Ken Livingstone making comments about Hitler being a Zionist that would make Nick Griffin think twice.

And then there was Boris in his response to Barack Obama’s comments on the effect of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU on British-American trade relations.  The President said nothing surprising or controversial: that the US would prioritise a new trade deal with the EU, over that of the UK.  A trade agreement with a block of 27 nations with a population of 500 million, over one nation with a population of 70 million.

This proved to be a red rag to a bull for the crazies of the Leave Campaign.  Boris’s reaction was particularly odious.  Ascribing Obama’s ‘anti-Britishness’ to his ‘ancestral’ loathing of Britain because he is ‘half-Kenyan’.  This is a comment that is straight out of the barking mad American racist right playbook – that somehow Obama is not a true American, but a secret Kenyan muslim 5th columnist.  It is what fuelled the birther madness around the 2012 election, where even Obama’s fully documented birth in Hawaii was questioned as a fraud.

Boris Johnson revealed once again what a nasty piece of work he is beneath the floppy and increasingly Trump-like hair do.

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Mike Killingworth May 1, 2016 at 5:47 pm

Now that I come to think of, we never see Boris and the Trumper together, do we?

Could one of them be a robot controlled by the other?


John Stone May 2, 2016 at 10:21 am

Boris is just continuing a trend which has been apparent for some time. Aping the approach of the American right to split off the WWC using peripheral wedge issues that broadly amount to false flag flying. But look where it’s got America, they’ve lost control of the monster they made.


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