#1076: 2009, Kasabian, Underdog

by Ray_North on May 16, 2016

I’m watching the news, to be more specific I’m watching 150,000 ecstatic people who have lined the streets of Leicester to pay tribute to their football team for winning the league.

It’s amazing.

This is the night none of these people every expected to see. It’s a Roy of the Rovers night, jubilation against all the odds, victory when no one expected it. Vindication for the days of pain when Leicester were shite. Hope for the rest of us.

Kasabian are a Leicester band. God love them. They’re not bad either. At least they’re trying to be rock and roll.

This song was released in 2009, the title is apt.

For the record 2009 was another year when Leicester were top of their league, only that time it was the League Division One, when they were promoted along with Peterborough and Scunthorpe.

Tonight we can all dream.

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