Week 17: Prat – Eamonn Holmes

by Charlie_East_West on April 25, 2016


This week’s prat award goes to Eamonn Holmes for saying that Prince was “more of a girls’ artist” and that “men couldn’t relate to his flamboyancy.”

A comment straight out of the straightjacket of the 1950s. His comment alludes to a number of Luddite options – that being a girls’ artist is in some way a bad thing and that being flamboyant was in some way an affront to masculinity. What Holmes fails to understand is that Prince’s flamboyancy (and music) is the reason why millions of people (including millions of men) worship him.

Pop music should be about flamboyancy and daring to be different and redrawing creative boundaries. As another flamboyant superstar, David Bowie, once said, “turn and face the strange.”

Prince, like Bowie turned and faced the strange and allowed us to embrace flamboyancy through music. He claimed flamboyancy with no fear and refused to adhere to a purely heterodox form of masculinity that Eamonn Holmes lazily embraces.

Eamonn Holmes may not be able to relate to Prince, but I cannot relate to the views of Eamonn Holmes.

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