Week 15: Prat – David Cameron

by Ray_North on April 25, 2016

Cameron_pratThe winner of Week 15’s Prat of the Week is…. our Prime Minister, HHJ David Cameron.

First, big apologies this should have been posted a couple of weeks ago when this story was fresh and causing a fair bit of wobbling amongst the Tory hierarchy. Alas, we were a bit Labour-like in our failure to capture the moment and nail the Prime Minister for his misdeeds.

For misdeeds they were – the fact that our Prime Minister has made substantial amounts of money due to the investment in companies and financial is, in our opinion, absolutely massive. According to the Tories, Labour spent money ‘we’ don’t have on their crazy and profligate schemes – they brought the economy to its knees – and now, thankfully, we have the wonderful Tories to get us back on the right road. That is the message the Conservatives successfully took into the last election.

The fact is however, that one of the reasons we have a spending deficit is because our system of unregulated global capitalism isn’t very good at re-generating money – and why? Because the rich try their best at getting out of paying their fair share. If you want a world where some people are very rich and some people are very poor and left relying upon increasingly poor public services then that is exactly what Cameron and his family and ilk were bring about when he was making money throughout this century by investing in low or no tax offshore companies.

I think it’s villainous.

But, Cameron got our Prat award for week 15 for his piss poor attempts to get round this – three statements he made, each slowly unravelling and untangling until eventually, the truth (apparently) came out that he had made about quarter of a million quid as a result of his parents’ activities.

He is supposed to be our Prime Minister, he is the man who signs off on austerity – his hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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