Week 14: Prat – Paul Dacre

by Charlie_East_West on April 4, 2016


Prat of the week goes to Daily Mail editor, and arch Eurosceptic, Paul Dacre for receiving £88,000 in EU subsidies in 2014.prat_icon

Pot kettle, kettle pot. The editor of a newspaper that is the self proclaimed hater of all things EU goes “cap” in hand to Brussels. Paul Dacre has an estate on which he claims EU subsidies. His Sussex arable and cattle farm is propped up a slush fund based from CAP funding.

Paul Dacre has pocketed £460,000 since 2011 from the same EU that his newspaper demonises on a daily basis. Thanks to the Buzzfeed website, we now know that the common agricultural policy that Dacre and his lickspittles at the Daily Mail criticise for wastage actually finances him for the “encouragement of tourist activities” and his estate makes “a not insignificant contribution to the local economy”.

Breathtaking hypocrisy. The EU has been rather good to Paul Dacre. It is just a shame that he never shared the news of his EU benefits with his readers.

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Mike Killingworth April 4, 2016 at 1:58 pm

Is it not ever so slightly prattish, Charlie, to assume that Dacre’s newspaper(s) are aimed at people who want to think straight?


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