Week 13: Hero – Johan Cruyff

by George_East on April 24, 2016

hero_icon2The Hero of the Week Award for Week 13 went to Dutch footballing phenomenon, Johan Cruyff

You may have noticed a drying up of regular postings on this site.  That is because both the regular contributors to it have been all more than unusually busy with work and life stuff and also because with a long seemingly endless period of Tory government stretching before us it is harder to be as motivated.  But we continue.

One result of this is that some of our regular weekly Awards, though voted on and determined have not resulted in posts.  We are a few behind.  Hopefully this can now be put right.

The Hero of the Week for Week 13 was one of the greatest footballers whoever graced the sport: Johan Cruyff.  The centre-piece of both the Ajax and Dutch national teams that brought the world Total Football (the idea that any outfield player ought to be able to adapt to any position), Cruyff has a good case for being considered alongside Pele and Maradona, as the best player to play the game.  Unlike either of those Cruyff also gave the world a football move, named for him, the Cruyff move, involving a feint for a pass, a 180 degree turn and a very bewildered defender.

His influence on the game was immense not only in his playing style but also in laying the coaching foundations and youth academy of FC Barcelona that has produced the extraordinary Barcelona side of recent years.

He may have only graced one world  cup and played only 48 times for his country (scoring a remarkable 33 goals), but in what style.  The 1974 Dutch side are probably the greatest national side to ever not win a world cup (though some may make a case for the 1982 Socrates/Zico Brazil side).   Having helped the Netherlands qualify for the following world cup, Cruyff withdrew from the national side (and retired from international football) citing the brutal Argentinian dictatorship as the reason.

The best way of showing what we have lost is to show Cruyff doing what he did best.  Johan Cruyff 1947-2016 RIP.



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