3000 children: how the Tories have made me ashamed to be British….

by Ray_North on April 26, 2016

Last night in the House of Lords, Lord Alf Dubs tabled an amendment to the Immigration Bill allowing for 3000 unaccompanied Syrian Children, who had fled from one of the worst areas of conflagration on the planet, to be allowed into this country.

UnknownThe Tories opposed the amendment and it was subsequently defeated.

3000 children will now remain in transit camps awaiting an extremely uncertain future – no doubt, some of them will be ok and will be rehoused and find true stability and love, but the real danger for many hundreds of these children is that life in the camps of Northern Europe will, at best, see them institutionalised never to properly leave, and at worst see them becoming prey to worst kind of abuse involving people traffickers, slave labour and boy soldiers back in the places they have fled from.

These are children.

The Tories argued that we couldn’t afford to look after these children – which, given that we are the supposedly five richest economy in the world is an argument that is as heartless as it is baseless; others argued that we would be opening up floodgates to tens of thousands of others – well, frankly, so be it: for me i’d rather us be overcrowded with thousands of children who we are striving to help, than watch a single child condemned by our viciousness; another argument was that others should help as we’ve done enough – well this isn’t an argument, it’s an excuse, and a shameful one at that.

I’m a proud Welshman, a proud Brit; on the whole I think of our nation and its people as compassionate, clever and resourceful – but, the decision of the Government to oppose Alf Dubs amendment and say no to 3000 children has left me, for the first time, embarrassed and ashamed by my country.

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Charlie East-West April 26, 2016 at 6:48 pm

Tories argue that we couldn’t afford to look after 3000 child refugees, yet, are happy to spend £100billion on Trident. Shame on them.


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