Week 13: Villain – ISIS

by Jackie_South on March 28, 2016

ISIS_VillainThis week, the bloody atrocities carried out by Islamic State and its offshoots in Brussels and Lahore make them our villains of the week

We had a debate this week on who our villain would be. Unlike other weeks, it clearly was not going to be a domestic politician – both candidates have been responsible for horrific, barbaric, murderous acts carried out as a result of a warped view of the world.

Radovan Karadzic would have been a shoe-in in any other week: convicted this week of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. 7,500 died on his orders.

But those crimes were two decades ago, and sadly more recent acts of indiscriminate murder have focused our attention.

Last Tuesday, two nail bombs at Brussels Airport and a further one at Maalbeek station have claimed 35 lives so far and injured 300: people going about their ordinary lives having their world ripped asunder by sociopathic murderers.

Yesterday, there was further bloodshed, with an even higher body count. The suicide bombing of Lahore’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, targeted at Pakistani Christians but killing Christian and Muslim alike, has claimed at least 72 lives and injured similar numbers to the Belgium bomb.

These murderous terrorists are not fighting a jihad – a war has a strategy, a goal, a desire for a peace at the end of the fighting. These bombings have none of that. This is meaningless butchery by evil hateful scum, plain and simple.

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