Week 13: Prat – Allison Pearson

by Charlie_East_West on March 28, 2016


Our prat of the week goes to columnist Allison Pearson for tweeting this immediately after the terrorist attacks on Brussels:
Brussels, de facto capital of the EU, is also the jihadist capital of Europe. And the Remainers dare to say we’re safer in the EU! #Brexit

Classy eh?

Making political capital out of a terrorist attack is never a good look. Allison Pearson managed to make an ugly link with the horrific attacks on Brussels and Brexit, the EU and terrorists residing in Brussels. Instead all she managed to achieve was her own 140 character gutter journalism on social media.

There may well be many informative and nauanced arguments for Brexit. This was not one of them. She deserved the Twitter outrage that immediately followed. She also deserves our prat of the week award.

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Mike Killingworth March 29, 2016 at 11:14 am

Like Bernard Levin, she started off left of centre.

Like him, she feels she has to make up for doing so.

I imagine that she’d like your “villain” award. Perhaps that’s what she was trying for…


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