Week 11: Prat – Maria Sharapova

by Ray_North on March 15, 2016

Russian_PratThis week’s prat award goes to the Women’s Tennis star, Maria Sharapova.

Just when you thought you had a good handle about which performancing enhancing drugs you could and couldn’t take, the next time you are putting in your training for whichever Olympic event you are currently considering, a new one comes along.

This time its a Latvian drug called Meldonium which is used, apparently, to treat those with a particular cardiac condition, or who may have a disposition towards developing diabetes. It also, happens to enable the user to perform much better when it comes to exercise.

So, what part of Meldonium attracted the Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova?

Apparently she took it for ten years to help her recover from various illnesses and to be fair to her, until last Autumn it wasn’t on the WADA banned list. Then, it was… and as part of this process Miss Sharapova and her vast entourage of trainers, dieticians, coaches, agents and hangers-on WADA sent no less than five e-mails outlining that Meldonium was now a banned drug.

Maria apparently did get the e-mails but didn’t manage to open the link.

Yeah, right – first, why would an apparently healthy young woman want to take medication for over ten years in any event; second, who is she trying to kid that she had no knowledge that the drug had been banned.

Tennis is starting to look increasingly murky, match fixing and drugs have crept into the game alongside the massive amounts of money that are now swishing around for the top players (much less for the crap ones which may be part of the problem), and the sight of Miss Sharapova trying to justify her failed drugs test, may be the first of many.

She’s a prat though.

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