#1069: 1963, The Beatles, Please Please Me

by Ray_North on March 9, 2016

George Martin has died today, aged 90. I have to say, we went mental on these pages about David Bowie and his influence on music and popular culture, which was quite right, but, in my opinion, the influence of George Martin is just as profound.

Without the wonderful production of Martin, the Beatles wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good or as successful or as influential. Lennon and McCartney may have written the songs, and come up with the ideas, but, you get the feeling that it was George Martin who took these songs and these ideas and made them into the wonderful songs that we all know, songs that have had such a massive impact upon everything that has come since.

Prior to the Beatles, his career at EMI and as a music producer generally was ok, but, hardly glittering – he’d produced the likes of Humphrey Littleton, Matt Monro and The Vipers Skiffle Band (yep), but had carved out a niche producing the Saturday night celebrities of the era, Bruce Forsyth, Eamon Andrews and Flanders and Swannl; something however, clearly clicked when Martin met the fab four. You can imagine the moment, in walk the Scouse mop-tops with EMI demanding a single and an album of songs – what have you got, asks Martin and the fellas played a number of songs that they’d been playing at the Cavern. 13 hours later, they’d recorded the whole album.

Please Please Me, became the first single, it’s not the best Beatles song, but, it was the first, recorded at Abbey Road, produced by George Martin, written by Lennon and McCartney – the start of a legacy.

George may you rest with rhythm and perfect harmony.

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George_East March 13, 2016 at 2:21 pm

Spot on. But second single, of course. After Love Me Do.


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