Week 9: Prat – Sarah Vine

by Charlie_East_West on February 28, 2016


This week’s prat award goes to Sarah Vine, for once again providing indiscreet comments about her life with husband and Justice Secretary, Michael Gove, and in this case, giving a blow by blow account about Michael’s formative wrestlings with his Brexit conscience.

Yes, it must have been a pretty bloody difficult decision for an incumbent Justice Secretary and close confidant of David Cameron to put his Brexit conscience before EU loyalty. That in itself, is an interesting human story of the EU referendum psycho-drama of Westminster politics. But, Sarah Vine didn’t just stop there. Instead, she went much further and turned her husband’s career defining decision into a prime example of how the other half live, ostentatious, social climbing.

This week, Sarah Vine wrote in her Daily Mail column that to help her husband formulate his Brexit ideology back in 2001, Sixty or so of their closest friends “from all walks of life” meet up for a bit of a jaunt in the south of France for their wedding.

Friends included George Osborne, David and Samantha Cameron, Caitlin Moran, Ed Vaizey and a group of high flying members of the media and political elite. It must have been bloody harrowing for Michael Gove to decide upon a lifelong political commitment with long term consequences while having to endure socialising with the elite who came from all walks of life within the upper echelons of literature, media and politics.

Life is tough for Sarah Vine and Michael Gove. Please spare a thought for them. They have clearly been through horrifically dificult times. My heart bleeds for them both as they appear to have a complete lack of pomposity with an abundance of humility.

As a footnote to this, thanks to Sarah Vine, we now know that her husband has an aversion to houseplants and quiche, loves listening to Wagner, is a shit driver (he failed his driving test 7 times), read the Spectator as a young boy rather than reading the Beano like everyone else, and that of an evening, he loves nothing more than to slip into a pair of terracotta orange corduroy trousers.

Too much information Sarah. Way too much information.

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