Week 8: Prat – David Cameron

by Jackie_South on February 21, 2016

Cameron_pratThe Prime Minister wins our award for being the greatest prat of the last week

What a pantomime Friday’s EU negotiations were. As the “English breakfast” became the “English brunch”, “English lunch” and then “English dinner”, the whole set up took on a sense of farce. All to decide on some very minor benefits changes for future EU migrants (and any current ones for 2020), some tweaking of some wording that does not really apply to the UK anyway and a right to wag a finger if the EU tries to stop bankers ripping us off.

This is of course only stage one of the pantomime. Now we have four months of Cameron and chums trying to cosy up to the people he has spent the last nine months trying to do over to stop most of his own party members taking us out of the EU.

This has all of course happened because a weak leader has shown less backbone to his own right wing than John Major, or indeed Margaret Thatcher (who of course was a lot more pragmatic about Europe in action than her rhetoric sometimes implied).

Whether you think a referendum is necessary or not, clearly the whole negotiations have been a bit of a joke. No-one will change their mind on how they were voting as a result of the extended negotiations on Friday.

As Francois Hollande remarked “Just because it lasted a long time doesn’t mean that much happened.” 

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Mike Killingworth February 22, 2016 at 10:55 am

It is precisely because Maggie was full of right-wing bluster that she was able to sell he EU deals to her party.

The Tory grassroots have never liked the PM’s negotiating skills. The obvious relish with which he entered into coalition in 2010 is still unforgiveable to most of them. The EU is a sideshow.


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