Week 8: Hero – Pope Francis

by Ray_North on February 22, 2016

hero_icon2This week’s Hero of the Week award goes to the Pope.

We don’t really go for religion on these pages, but, credit where it is due, Pope Francis seems like a fairly progressive and enlightened guy (as Vicar’s of God, leaders of the on true faith etc go), and does genuinely appear to be genuinely concerned for the welfare of the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

He has also managed to get himself into a spat with Donald Trump over ‘Trump’s wall’.

Just to recap, Donald Trump wants to build a ruddy great wall between USA and Mexico, because he believes that this will limit the threat of both terrorism and illegal immigration in the USA. It is, of course, an utterly preposterous policy proposal that makes sense only in the type of mind of someone who believes, say, that all Muslims should have their citizenship removed and so on… in short, Donald Trump.

Alarmingly, many of Americans support the policy – they don’t see it as the type of fascism that will destroy a country like America. And, this is where Pope Frankie Boy comes in: in a deliberate attempt to wade into the GoP Presidential Nomination debate, the Pope went to the Mexican border and made a speech attacking Trump, questioning his Christian credentials, saying, memorably that real Christians ‘build bridges, not walls,’ which is a beautifully devastating verbal attack.

Trump, of course, doesn’t give a monkeys. In fact, he just sees it as more power to his elbow – but, he should be careful, the Pope has massive influence with Latino and Catholic voters and Trump would be hard pushed to be elected President of the USA without that constituency of support. So, by properly getting himself involved in the Presidential debate, the Pope has helped make it a little less likely that Trump will get elected – for that, he is our hero.

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Witchfinder General February 23, 2016 at 12:14 am

The Pope should concentrate on sorting out the perverts in his organisation.


nino March 2, 2016 at 3:05 pm

So burning women at the stake is ok dear witchfinder!? In addition to the Pope you could add the BBC, the organised online sharers of paedoporn and especially the great and the good of this country who instead of being investigated can expect a personal apology from the chief of Metropolitan Police over tea and cakes for any embarrassment caused


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