Week 7: Prat – Marco Rubio

by Jackie_South on February 16, 2016

Republican_pratThis week, US Presidential hopeful Senator Marco Rubio picks up our much-coveted award for being the biggest idiot of the last seven days

After Iowa’s caucus, Marco Rubio seemed to have it made. If he sat pretty, made some good debate contributions and left his opponents to tear strips off each other more moderate Republican candidates would fall by the wayside and he would end up hoovering up all the votes to the left of the bonkers-right Cruz and Trump.

And then there was the Republican TV debate on the eve of the New Hampshire primary. He should have realised that as the lead not-completely-lunatic candidate that he would take some flak by others competing for that position. Instead, he seemed completely unprepared for Chris Christie’s mockery.

Three times in the debate, Rubio answered questions with the line that Barack Obama “knows exactly what he’s doing”.

Christie fired back “There it is. There it is. The memorized 25-second speech. There it is, everybody.”

So what does Rubio do? He repeats the line a fourth time.

From new establishment favourite to public embarrassment in one TV showing. Rubio, then second in the polls and tipped by some to be even able to win New Hampshire, ended up in fifth place.

Oh dear. He may still recover, but his robotic approach to a key debate has put his campaign back massively.

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