Week 7: Villain – Jeremy Hunt

by George_East on February 19, 2016

Last Week’s Villain of the Week Award goes to the Health Secretary for once again living down to his Jim Naughtie namevillain_2_icon

We have previously lauded the junior doctors for their industrial action in respect of the attempt by this government to bring in new working conditions, sold as a pay rise but which are in reality a big pay cut (due to the loss of shift allowances).   Public support has been firmly behind the doctors against the mendacious behaviour of the government.

Jeremy Hunt has continued in a similar vein over the last week. First, it was announced that instead of negotiating with the BMA, he is simply going to impose the contract on the doctors in August. Then, he released a letter in apparent support of the new contract from various heads of health trusts, which misrepresented the position of half of the supposed signatories.

I’ve said before that the cabinet ministers in this government all fancy themselves as Margaret Thatcher taking on the NUM. Hunt, like her, is a villain, but a tin pot one.

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Mike Killingworth February 20, 2016 at 10:44 am

Apparently, we can only afford to pay hospital doctors a 1% pay rise.

Yet the pensions “triple lock” guarantees us oldies 2.5%.

I must ask my local Tory councillor to justify this…


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