Week 6: Villain – Julian Assange

by Ray_North on February 8, 2016

villain_icon_v2‘This Week’s Villain of the Week Award goes to the Wikileaks founder and former resident of the Ecuador Embassy, Julian Assange.’

Julian Assange appears to have started life as an idealistic computer programmer and managed to become depending on your point of view, either a crusader for truth and clarion voice against the excesses of western governments waging illegal wars, or a self-indulgent opportunist who has treacherously put lives at risk with his over-zealous campaigning.

Either way, when he was accused of rape and ordered to go back to Sweden to face those charges, Assange decided rather than to face down the charges and try to clear his name, to camp out in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Why not go back to Sweden and prove your innocence? We asked, because he wouldn’t get a fair trial, was the reply from Assange.

Now, this answer didn’t really stack up – now, I’m no expert, but, as far as i am aware, Sweden’s criminal justice system is actually pretty decent, I mean, North Korea it is not. And, in any event, Assange has got a fairly decent argument to put before a jury, when he asserts that, perhaps his notoriety may have caused the complainants to exaggerate some aspects of the case. Of course, what Assange really wanted to do was hole himself up in an Embassy, in the hope that eventually the Swedish Statute of Limitations may make the allegations go away (it has in relation to two of the charges).

He also suggested that the dreadful Swedes would use his extradition to their country as an excuse to send him to America where he would be executed for treason – which is utter fanciful on both levels, particularly as the Swedish government made it clear that it had no intention of sending anywhere.

No, what Assange was doing was skipping bail because he wanted to avoid answering some questions about some particularly difficult allegations. And last week, with the ‘UN panel’ (my inverted commas, as i have no idea what judicial jurisdiction such a panel has) declaring that he had been ‘arbitrarily detained by the British government (one of the most ludicrous suggestions I have ever heard given the circumstances) he showed his true colours, instead of showing an iota of sympathy towards the women who have made the allegations (because even if they are false, humanity surely would cause someone to give a toss about women who might be prepared to make the allegation), he warned the UK government that there would be criminal repercussions as a result of his detention.

Assange is a villain, who has done much to destroy the organisation that he founded, and organisation that actually had the opportunity to do much that was right and shed light on much that is wrong.

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Witchfinder General February 13, 2016 at 8:15 pm

Can Ronnie Biggs’s family now sue the British state for all the years he was ‘detained’ in Rio?


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