Week 5: Hero – Greek Footballers

by Ray_North on February 2, 2016

Greek_hero‘…. And in particular the footballers of AEL Larissa and Acharnaikos’

It is rare for Footballers to proffer an opinion which goes beyond an anodyne musing that the game consisted of two halves or that the lads gave 110%, unless of course it has to do with their pay, when many suddenly become extremely vocal.

That’s why the sight of two teams coming together to protest against the inactivity of the EU to assist the immigrants coming into Europe was particularly refreshing.

It happened last week during the game between AEL Larissa and Acharnaikos who declared before the game that they would be sitting down for two minutes in protest against the ‘brutal indifference’ shown by the EU and Turkish Governments towards the people fleeing Iraq and Syria and in sympathy with the children who had lost their lives.

Ok, it was just a second division football match, and, as protests go, alone it is hardly likely to rattle the governmental ramparts of Brussels or Ankara, but, at least they cared enough to demonstrate some kind of solidarity, at least they got together and asked the question ‘what can we do to protest?’

If we all did something, then who knows, maybe, eventually someone would listen, maybe eventually something might be done.

That’s why this week – the 22 Greek footballers who sat down rather than kick a ball are our heroes.

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