Week 4: Hero – Jeremy Corbyn

by Charlie_East_West on January 24, 2016


This week’s hero of the week award goes to Jeremy Corbyn for visiting the Calais ‘Jungle’ and Grande-Synthe (Dunkirk) refugee camps and for his call for a more concerted effort by Britain to tackle the problem of the refugee crisis.

Corbyn may be swamped by the internal destructive forces within the Labour Party, but no one can doubt the navigation of his political compass on many of the global humanitarian issues facing us right now. Unlike so many other political leaders, he has actually stuck his head above the parapet and visited the gridlocked refugee camps in Calais and stated that the UK is not doing enough to solve the refugee crisis engulfing Europe, and that the UK should follow Germany’s example by “doing its part” to tackle the problem.

Corbyn described the conditions for migrants in northern France by saying: “It’s a very strange magnet of desperation, a fetid swamp with foul water, and people living in tents in the middle of winter shows the level of desperation – we’re talking 3,000 people. It’s not very many.”

Asked about his solution for the camps, Corbyn said: “Go through the process of everyone who wants to come to Britain and has a connection and process their application.”

The humanitarian disaster of the ongoing refugee crisis cannot be swept under the carpet. Corbyn gets this and as such, is using his current position of leadership and influence to try and generate ongoing momentum on this issue.

Corbyn may well be bogged down within the machinations of the Parliamentary Labour Party, but at least on this issue, he is using his position to full effect.

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