Week 3: Villain – Jeremy Hunt

by Ray_North on January 19, 2016

Tory_VillainThis week’s villain is the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt.

As well as being the subject of the greatest spoonerism known to man, Jeremy Hunt is proving himself to be a villainous Secretary of State for Health.

At the election the Tories declared that they were going to introduce a 7 day NHS. What they didn’t have a bloody clue about was how they were going to pay for this, or how it would be implemented.

The result has been an increasingly bitter dispute in which Hunt has plumbed villainous depths to get his government out of their hole.

First came the lies about the figures in which Hunt made wrongful claims that the proposes pY changes would actually benefit doctors – something that simply isn’t true.

The came the profoundly inflammatory statement that if the proposed reforms were not implemented them people taken to hospital on a weekend had a greater chance of dying.

Then finally he threatened to unilaterally impose the changes and sack those who refused.

Jim Naughtie was so right!

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