Week 3: Prat – Hillary Clinton

by Jackie_South on January 17, 2016

US_PratThis week, Presidential favourite wins our regular Prat of the Week award for putting it all needlessly at risk…

Tonight, there is a debate between the three main Democratic presidential hopefuls (Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley) in Charleston, South Carolina. Whilst Clinton still has a reasonable lead over the field in national polls, the race has become far closer than many expected in the early primary states.

One of the reasons is that her increasingly frenetic attacks on Sanders (O’Malley is only polling single figures) that are backfiring. Sometimes they are from the left (such as on guns) but more often from the right. On Friday, the salvos were fired over healthcare. Sanders wants greater universal coverage through “Medicare for all” – a national, single-payer health insurance system: i.e. something a little less radical than our NHS.

Despite the fact that the USA has the most expensive per capita health system on earth, and that despite Obama Care it still has gaping holes in its coverage, Clinton says that doing something a bit more similar to the rest of the civilised world is too expensive and will lead to tax hikes.

Well – duh – the question is not whether it will need greater tax (it would), but whether the net cost to households who would no longer have to pay exorbitant healthcare bills would decrease (they would, given the state’s single purchaser role). Remember: despite those coverage gaps health costs almost three times as much per head in the USA than it does here ($9,146 to $3,598 per capita, according to the World Bank).

The American people seem to be seeing through this bullshit: Sanders is streets ahead in the polls for the first full primary election in New Hampshire (a 14% lead in the most recent poll by Monmouth) but is now closing the gap in the first test: the Iowa caucus. The last poll there by Bloomberg had Clinton just 2% ahead in a state she should have easily won.

Hillary should still win the nomination (the next big test after Iowa and New Hampshire, South Carolina, should be an easy victory for her) but she is making life very difficult for herself needlessly. She should have learned her lessons from her loss to Obama in 2008 and from the left around the world where insurgents are making ground on career machine politicians. Wagging her finger at Sanders won’t win her support.

If Clinton holds her nerve and concentrates her fire on the Republican moron-fest, she should win through easily. Directing her attention on Sanders only boosts him and loses her support, particularly when it is clear that she just hasn’t done her homework.

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